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A wonderful, fictional character, Winnie the Pooh once said, “Being lonely is more friendly with two.” Frequently fictitious works help society examine the problems plaguing it. Just as Winnie the Pooh points out loneliness, Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird makes a point out of isolation being an issue in society. Throughout To Kill a Mockingbird, several of the characters are faced with situations that they must conquer by themselves. How they react in these situations define how the characters are feeling. Scout, Dill, and Mayella deal with being alone, being lonely, and loneliness in their lives. The themes described in the novel can also be applied to real life situations that affect society and the surrounding world. Everyone can be alone, lonely, or have loneliness in his or her lives, which Harper Lee does a wonderful job of expressing in her novel.
Being alone can be a good or bad thing, depending on how one spends his or her time alone. When someone reacts negatively towards being alone, then they become lonely. Finally, loneliness and isolation can be described by basically the same idea. A wise individual once said, “Loneliness is when there is no one to complain to about how lonely you are,” this quote describes the idea very well.
Scout finds herself alone during parts of the novel, specifically the second summer Dill arrives in Maycomb. Dill and Jem both start excluding Scout from their games and increase the frequency in which they call her a “girl.” Scout finds herself alone more often because her social life fundamentally revolves around Jem and Dill. Although Scout discovers herself alone during most of the day, she manages to have a good summer, in which she finds a new friend in her neighbor, Miss Maudie.
At various points throughout a week, I find that I am by myself, or alone. Honestly, I do not mind being alone; I believe that I get more done this way. Often, I will read, work on homework, or catch up on the recordings that my TV has. Being alone does not mean that you have to have a depraved life because of it. However, being lonely and having loneliness frequently involve emotional baggage.
Dill can be used as a respectable example of a “lonely” character in the novel. Dill is often portrayed making up stories about a dad that he does not have and places that he most likely has never visited. Instead, Dill stays with countless relatives that do not spend much time with him, which makes him feel like a burden to them. Dill did not have anyone he could talk to in these other homes, and he felt the need to run away to escape to a place where he did have friends to talk to.
A demonstration of being lonely in the real world can be described by the...

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