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Lone Star places particular emphasis on what happens when culture collide. Part of the agenda of this film is to draw attention to the contingency of these stories and find truth within them. It depicts the wars between culture and races and the inbred stereotypes that are perpetuated through community members. The film intends to illustrate the consequences of multiculturalism as a device to evoke change and acceptance amongst al human beings. Through a noir murder mystery piece, the viewer get to experience the complex dynamic between white, black and Hispanic people in a community from the past and present. By presenting the dreadful reality and status of cultures in society, Lone Star, inspires viewers to finally bear witness and notice the issues that society faces and the deep historical connection that we need to break free from.
In Yamashita’s I Hotel, she attempts to bring alive the collectivist spirit of the 1960s and 70s as a way to inspire, change and action rather than complacency. Through her text, Yamashita seeks to refresh ethnic American politics by looking back to the 60s and 70s when inter-ethnic movements first developed. Many activists are depicted as individuals who are willing to experiment and try different methods in order to bolster their perspective movement. Told through a series of historical anecdotes, Yamashita develops the deeper idea behind International Hotel. She preaches the idea to be radical, collective, and collaborative to successfully enact change. Yamashita portrays activists of the time as inter ethnic groups of people who all want equality and justice for all and are willing to work together in order to achieve it. Despite difference of heritage, most of the activists have similar agendas in mind and are inspired by actions and radical ideas of other group of people seeking a change.
Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing is a study of culture clashes that explores the inner workings of a community made up of multiple races and traditions through multifaceted dramatics about racism, police brutality, and the dynamics of urban communities. As the film shifts from vignette to vignette depicting the diversity of races present in the same community, the audience experiences an authentic depiction of urban humanity. Lee draws from two opposing comments about violence; one from Martin Luther King Jr. and the other Malcolm X. The film’s main purpose is to depict the severity of racial tensions in the urban neighborhood and strike the claim that in order to enact change, one must fight back. Spike Lee represents the urban environment as a place where people hold assumptions and grievances towards those who are of a different race. Through Spike Lee’s depiction of racial injustice and police brutality, Do the Right Thing, promotes ideas of both self-defense and integration and harmony. He creates a film that is brilliant and a powerful illustration of how America's patronizing behavior impairs racial...

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