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Lone Survivor Character Analysis

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The novel Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell is a story about four Navy SEALs whose top secret mission is suddenly compromised, creating a devastating skirmish with the local Taliban. The story takes place soon after the notorious jet-airline 9/11 terror attacks, and the War in Afghanistan is up and running. Convinced that a senior Taliban member’s capture or killing could be beneficial to US operations, the Navy SEALs launch Operation Red Wings. During the mission to look for the senior Taliban member the soldiers are caught by surprise by three wandering shepherds. An intense vote over what to do with the captured shepherds leads the team to decide they must follow the rules of engagement, meaning that they must release the shepherds. Consequently, shortly after the shepherds are released the SEAL team is surrounded by Taliban soldiers. Ultimately, with the aid of some valiant villagers only Marcus Luttrell finds himself alive ...view middle of the document...

Marcus Luttrell changed as a soldier because he ultimately stopped being one.
Throughout the novel Lone Survivor, Marcus Luttrell develops as a person. Before joining the military Marcus Luttrell was a nobody. Never before had Marcus Luttrell ever amounted to anything until he finished his training and got his sailor ball cap. “When you’ve completed this, the trainers present you with a U.S. Navy ball cap, and that tells the world you belong, proved you have the right stuff”(90). When Marcus Luttrell got his sailor ball cap he developed as a person because now he felt he belonged to something and that he could succeed.
Throughout the novel Lone Survivor, Marcus Luttrell grows as a citizen. In the beginning of the novel Marcus Luttrell describes when he realized he wanted to become a SEAL at the age of 12 how poor he was back through college. ”I cannot describe how poor we were during the time Morgan and I were trying to get through college. I had four jobs to pay tuition and board and make my truck payment.”(55,59). Before Marcus Luttrell came to the realization of what he should do with his life, he really did not do any good to his country. Marcus Luttrell grew as a citizen because he decided to change his life and serve his country.
Marcus Luttrell at the beginning of the novel, Lone Survivor, was not much of anything. He was not a soldier, he was a weak person, and a low-contributing citizen. Throughout the novel Marcus Luttrell experienced sailor training, SEAL training, and most importantly the mission that would alter his life forever. Throughout the novel Lone Survivor, it is evident that Marcus Luttrell evolves as a soldier, person, and a citizen. Marcus Luttrell evolves as a soldier because he decided to discontinue serving. Marcus Luttrell evolves as a person because he now feels like he belongs and is good for something. And Marcus Luttrell evolves as a citizen because he changed his life for the better and joined the navy. Through Marcus Luttrell’s many hardships and how he finds himself to handle them throughout the novel Lone Survivor, it is extremely apparent that Marcus Luttrell changes.

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