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At the harbour a young woman 19 years of age could be seen just behind the tree line, well hidden and lying in wait for something.
Her most noticeable feature being the red hair which flowed to midway down her back. After this was the deep Caribbean blue eyes that were currently glued to the harbour. Hearing some movement from behind her, she quickly whipped out a kunai knife from the holster on her left leg, throwing the knife in the direction of the sound. Following the flight of the kunai the woman tensed in anticipation for the oncoming fight until she realised that her supposed enemy was in fact a very startled rabbit.
She chuckled slightly at her misjudgement, “Sorry little guy I thought you were an anbu,” the woman apologised to the rabbit as she stroked him “well I suppose you should get going, sorry again I didn’t mean to startle you” The rabbit looked up at her with wide eyes “Y-you can speak in our tongue?!” its little nose twitched like mad in its astonishment.
“Yes, I can I am part wolf after all” the woman replied however instead of talking the woman could be heard growling “Then you’re a-“The woman quickly cut him off with a warning snarl.
“Yes I am and I would rather you kept quiet about it… are we understood?” The rabbit gave a hurried nod before scurrying off back to his burrow. The woman stood up making her way back to her hiding place and spotted a ship coming in to the harbour ‘That should do nicely’ she thought to herself, moving from her current position the young woman proceeded to make her way closer to the ship that had just docked in the harbour, after giving it a once over she made her decision ‘Yep, that’s my ticket out of here’ Looking back in the direction she had come the woman couldn’t help feeling a sense of longing, but before she could have any thoughts of changing her mind the woman shook her head ‘No… I can’t go back’
It had been a long trip for the Lopita, but the crew had finally managed to sail her safely to the Shinobi nations, one of...

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