Loneliness: Is It A Disability? Essay

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Loneliness: is it a disability? One of the major causes for student dropouts with in colleges is loneliness, it a common problem amongst new students, especially within their first semester. There are many specialists on family life and crisis who are prepared to offer advice and assistance to the students who have problems with this (Ponzetti 1990).Moreover, those students who have disabilities or dysfunctional attitudes are supported on a greater level to achieve a satisfying lifestyle coupled with their relationships to other students (Ponzetti 1990).Ponzetti in his article reviewed the research concerning the loneliness of college students and also allowing a discussion of any implications their loneliness may have on their lives, education and remedial surroundings (Ponzetti 1990).The UCLA have revised their Loneliness Scale which was applied to nine hundred and sixteen Canadian college students as they commenced their studies at the beginning of their first semester.This study revealed that loneliness was a major factor for students dropping out of college, accordingly the male students were more susceptible to loneliness than females, it also revealed that poor grades was not a major factor with drop outs from colleges (Rotenberg & Morrison1993) There have been many discussions and theories over the decades regarding depression, loneliness and social skills within the education arena. Moreover there are a number of policies within the education system that allow for the inclusion of students with disabilities (Heiman & Margalit 1998).However, the integration of these students with disabilities within the general education system as opposed to putting them into special education schools has set up new guidelines to aid in the function this allows students who have disabilities to benefit from all general education systems with the appropriate support from teachers.They are also designed for students with disabilities to interact with their peers who are not impaired, allowing students that do have any disabilities participate within the school curriculum and preparing them for a better life within that community (Heiman & Margalit 1998).Many teachers have stressed that with new pupils with new demands being made upon the teachers this can cause new stresses and challenges to them that they have not been prepared for (Rose 2001).Inclusion can be a very successful program and educational additive when all children are required to follow the same curriculum, it can be clearly seen that teachers need the support of their peers, parents and the government if they are going to teach children with disabilities different curriculums in the same classes.The research carried out by Heiman and Margalit has been selective on those who have been involved within the inclusive environment yet have been restricted to learn through their disabilities, for their subjective analysis the pupils with mild disabilities with a local school were used,...

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