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Long Distance Communications And Collaborations Essay

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On line or perhaps the better term is long distance communications and collaborations is effected by a myriad of problems, in this paper we have decided to concentrate of two major areas of concern they are; the difficulty in building personal relationships and the subsequent lost of person connection in a virtual environment and cultural barriers which could cause team members to not connect in the same environment.
In dealing with the first it could be speculated that one of the problems which we have in today’s visual and virtual world is that we have in many way lost our sense of closure. This is that we have lost our ability to fill in the small gaps in our perception. Simply put my may have forgotten what it is to dream and to use our imagination. Perhaps this has had an effect of our ability to communicate virtually. This mental picture has been expressed as the "inner landscape of our perceptions." (Samuels & Samuels, 1975)
There was a time in the not so distant past where people corresponded by mail. Our Parents and Grandparents wrote letters, it is interesting to go back a read these amazing works. Love was professed and plans were made via wonderfully written letters. It is also interesting to read letters between influential people in history. Lincoln wrote letters to his Son during the Civil War and also to his old law partner back in Springfield. There is a wonderful series of letter between J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. It is possible that as the mediums for communications improved that our capacity to convey the written word greatly declined.

We live in a world where we allow others to see, perceive and perhaps most perilously we allow others to think for us. This type of closure in a cerebral sense it can develop focus, establish connections and relationships, and for creative problem solving, concept enhancement, and memory enrichment. (Kosslyn, 1983)
We have moved from a people who discerned to at take the perception of music as an example. There once was a time where we would listen to a song on the radio and a picture would develop in our mind of what that song represented. We would see in our minds eye, a little boy sitting by the railroad track strumming his guitar to the rhythm that the drivers made. We could see in our mind Fleetwood Mac’s Rhiannon. We could shut our eyes and witness a sun rise during Beethoven’s Ode to Joy. However in today’s world of movies, television, You Tube and music videos we now see someone else’s vision. In many ways this has left us ill prepared to deal with Virtual teams.
This type of communication is the workplace of the future and the future is here today. In order to compete in an international market in the 21st century we are required to develop quality virtual teams. Due to the nature of untraditional interpersonal communication, we are forced to use our minds...

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