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"It's lack of faith that makes people afraid of meeting challenges, and I believed in myself. (Muhammad Ali)". Boxing should not be abolished because the fighters premeditate precautions to the sport, it does not promote violence, and there are other sports that are more dangerous. Boxing is a one-on-one combat sport that involves sparring. A way to determine the winner of the match is by points, depending on where the opponent is hit, and the fighters must survive all 3-12 rounds. Another way to win the match is by knock out. Risk is part of the game and it just so happens that all sports contain a factor of taking risks. Therefore, abolishment should not be the solution.
Boxing is taken to precaution by everyone. By everyone, there are the doctors, the parents, the coaches, and the fighter. Every sport requires a physical and consent form by the legal guardians and the family physician of the player. On the physical, the doctor notes both the player's abilities and disabilities to determine whether or not he/she can play. This gives full consent by both the doctor and the parents of the player to play the sport, and by agreeing, the parents understand the natural consequences and that they hold full liability if anything were to happen to their child. With that, there are athletic trainers and a doctor at every boxing tournament to analyze and help with any medical disabilities of the players. Also, amateur boxing requires fighters to wear protective headgear at all times during a match and players must go through a strict medical procedure before being able to play (Boxing). This helps lower the risk of causing any head injuries. If the player is not fully aware of what the consequences of boxing are, then the coaches will reassure the players and parents of the child. With that being said, the player should already know the full advantages and disadvantages of boxing. "Boxers are crazy, but they know what they're in for obviously.", says Stephanie Born of Maui High School's athletic department. If a certified medical professional does not agree on abolishing boxing, then it should not be abolished.
Boxing does not promote violence. It is really up to the parents whether or not to have their kids surrounded by boxing. If parents enjoy watching boxing for entertainment, then those same parents should not be bringing their children to watch the fighting take place. On TV, parents have the full ability to block any channels to prevent their kids from being influenced by boxing. "Why not we abolish or ban cartoons, which show as much violence as any other sport?", questions Soni2006 on Hubpages.com. Cartoons contain an excessive amount of "fun" violence that shows little or no emotion of pain by the characters. Children do not know that, which makes them think that "fun" violence will not hurt them either. That way, cartoons can also be the reason for any children's violent actions. Yet, it does sound a bit quaint to disengage cartoon shows...

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