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Long Story Essay

1643 words - 7 pages

I don’t bother to turn my head when I hear another blood curdling scream coming from my headset. I know the source is from the doppelgänger behind me, doing whatever it can to try to kill me. Even though I can't hear the pounding of its foot steps getting closer, I can feel its eyes drilling into my back. Using what little weight I have, I take a giant leap toward my last means of escape. Soring a good 20 meters towards the ship, and landing 10 yards away from the door. Using all my strength to reach the door I'm about to grab the handle when I’m pushed back and onto the ground by the doppelgänger. When I manage to lift myself up, I see it’s opening the door. Adrenaline courses through my veins as I claw my way to the entrance. But it's too late the door is sealed closed. I can see through the small window and it seems that the doppelganger has changed to look like me. She’s desperately pushing random buttons to escape from this desert. I hear the familiar sound of a woman screaming, as I try to break the door down, it continues to get worse, and some part of my brain realises it’s me screaming. This doesn't distract me though from seeing the doppelgänger's hands getting closer, and closer to the launch button.
“Please don’t press it, please don’t”. As if she can read my mind, time slows down when I witness her slam her hand down full force on the launch button, sentencing my death on the moon. I hear a whooshing sound and hear the hum of the engines. While still holding onto the door the ship starts to ascend from the moon, and i manage to open the door. Only to be greeted with a strong punch to the stomach by my clone. I’m propelled back from the now launching ship and slowly start to fall back to the moon. Helplessly I watch in horror as my doppelgänger closes the door and sets course for Earth, leaving me behind to die alone.

Its been the longest hour of my life since the launch, I've returned to the base and been lying on the bed crying my eyes out: “I'm never going to see my family again. And after the way I treated them, I never even got to say sorry. What's going to happen to them? Will they ever know that their daughter died on the moon, and the one they've been caring for is a fake? or Will they be killed by that monster”. These thoughts keep racing around in my head, and I can't shake this feeling of hopelessness. I don't even notice my throats dry until I try to swallow. As I stand up to get a drink of water, I feel a depressing cloud float over me; filling me with a sense of hopelessness and despair.
I walk down the long hallway till I've reached the cafeteria. All the while trying to avoid eye contact with the blood stains from my crew members as it drips down the walls and onto various areas of the room. “ Antoine, Maidori what did she do to you”. I think as I grab a plastic bleach white cup from the cabinet and turn the tap on; cool clean water erupts from the tap. As the water gathers I can feel apart of my sensitivity to...

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