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Long Term Evolution (Lte) For Improving Telecommunication And Mobile Systems

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Long Term Evolution (LTE) is a project within the third generation Partnership (3GPP) in order to improve the UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunication system) mobile phone standard such that future requirements can be met[3]. The good aspect of 3GPP is the centralization of the standards, and it is a step toward the 4th generation (4G) of radio technologies with increasing data rates on every application of mobile technology. MIMO has been adopted in the 3GPP LTE which achieves high capacity by transmitting independent information over different antennas simultaneously [2].Traditional MIMO techniques have been already thoroughly investigated [3] and are deployed in many existing wireless systems.

When the users become highly mobile the channel becomes time variant and frequency selective within one OFDM symbol and the most challenging problem is the estimation of the channel in very fast moving conditions[5][7]. For rapidly varying channels Doppler spread occurs which leads to loss in orthogonality of the subcarriers and the noise is assumed to be white Gaussian. But in rapidly varying channel noise is often caused by a strong interferer, which color in nature [11]. Therefore estimating the channel with the effect of color noise is very much important and the existing channel estimation techniques assuming time invariant channel with white Gaussian cannot be used for high mobility systems moving at a speed of 120 km/h. Considering the channel estimation for time-varying multipath fading channels the estimation is performed by applying hybrid frequency/time domain channel estimation algorithm where it does not suits for high mobility systems [7, 8].

In the existing system, at the receiver side after removing the guard band, DFT is done and the signal is sent to the pilot channel estimation. The iterative Doppler assisted pilot channel estimation is done with the selection of time domain markers, calculation of interpolation weights and estimation of the channel. Interference cancellation is also done simultaneously after estimating a signal but when signal to noise ratio increases, this channel estimation method becomes inefficient.

In this paper, new adaptive channel estimation with removal of color noise and parallel interference cancellation are designed to overcome the drawback of...

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