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How long ago was it that if you required groceries one would pay a visit to the local supermarket or if perhaps one was in need of a new pair of shoes, a shoe store was the answer? Today, turn on a computer, log on to the Internet and all your shopping needs are simply a few clicks away. Technological advancements can be witnesses almost everywhere and eBusiness is growing at such a rapid rate that it can be difficult trying to keep up. Yet, because there is such a vast market available, deciding on a particular organization on which to conduct business with can be complicated.In the following paragraphs, three different Websites will be compared: Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com and Abebooks.com. These three Websites are book suppliers, but each maintains their own styles. The manner in which the Websites are setup will be discussed and the sites will be analyzed in terms of navigation, supply chain, marketing, and legal ethical regulatory issues.Amazon.com Amazon.com started out as an on-line bookstore that quickly expanded to fill a void in the eBusiness world. Amazon not only offers books, music and movies, they have expanded into musical instruments, gourmet food, health & beauty, sporting goods and many others. Amazon has international sites in Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and France.Navigation Navigating around Amazon.com was a pleasant experience. The web page is set up with many hot links to different departments or stores. The left side of the page is designed as a search bar. The section is broken into categories to help in your search. If searching by categories is not the way you want to go, Amazon's own search engine is provided to assist in your shopping needs. According to Amazon.com (2004), Amazon has obtained a US patent (5,960,411) on an important and obvious idea for E-commerce: an idea sometimes known as one-click purchasing. The idea is that your command in a web browser to buy a certain item can carry along information about your identity.Supply Chain The supply chain is the lifeblood of any eBusiness. Amazon.com has a department set up just for the ordering and tracking your purchases. Amazon prides itself on shipping orders within 24 hours of receiving payment.Marketing Amazon.com relies upon web banner ads and word of mouth for their marketing strategy. This current strategy is working well for them. Amazon is expecting record sale this holiday season.Amazon.com has been a pioneer in request marketing. The best feature of the entire site is one that lets customers' request email notification when their favorite authors publish a new book. More importantly, notifications about impending publications feel like customer service. Amazon is good: they have extended the same feature to sell loads of DVDs. Amazon now keeps a list of films in theatrical release, and lets users sign up to receive email when the films they select are released on DVD two or three years...

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