Look At A Breast Cancer Ad And Analyse The Message Its Sending To The Audience.

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Advertisements affect the society everyday. They encourage certain behaviors, lifestyles, and images. Ads cause people to look at themselves and analyze how they could compare to the ideal woman or man. However, what some people do not consciously realize is that ads can persuade people to do so much more. There are so many ads for so many different things, ideas, and companies. All ads are fighting for their readers' attention. One unique advertisement I found in Cosmopolitan is an ad for breast cancer. It focuses its target audience on the women whose age is from eighteen to late thirties. I find it especially interesting in for how this ad draws their audience into the feeling of self-awareness. They are not telling individuals how to live the best life or the easiest way to be beautiful, powerful, or popular like many ads perceive. A breast cancer ad is only looking for its audience to be compassionate, sympathetic, and help a worldwide cause. Thus, I found this ad to be imbalance due to the disproportional usage of ethos, pathos and logos. It is an image of Jennifer Love Hewitt wearing a red and white scarf. It uses the celebrity status of Jennifer to influence the audience by reminding them about their health problems. All women like her should always have the knowledge to check for breast cancer because everybody knows that early detection saves lives. It sends out a message of if women want to look young and health just like Jennifer Love Hewitt, go to the doctor to check for breast cancer. It also shows how people should not let the fear of dying hold them back from enjoying life. This ad is surrounded by being conscious of breast cancer and making sure that all women know that they need to take care of their bodies. It is trying to make women "tied to the cause" by purchasing a Ford silk scarf to remind and support all women about early detection and breast cancer awareness. The companies that sponsor this ad represent ethos. Ford, Bloomingdale's, the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation are all credible companies. This representation shows that this ad is supported strongly due to the wealthy and powerful companies. This ad does a good job in persuading its audiences to get involved with the fight against breast cancer. The pathos part of this ad focuses on the color of Love Hewitt's outfit and the color usage in this ad. Her outfit...

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