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Look Back In Anger Essay

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Look back in anger is a play about the effects of British society on the main characters Jimmy, Alison and Cliff . Its plot is created around the main character, Jimmy, a tragic person but at the same time, an educated man, who realizes the situation of the country he’s living in and can’t do anything about it. His frustration is built around the tragedy of living in a country that is based on oppression and prejudice and that’s why he treats everyone very bad . He is looking back to the old Empire, hence the title “Look back in anger”.
Firstly, I am going to discuss the concept of Schkolvsky, from his essay Art as technique , the concept of Defamiliarization. Therefore, ...view middle of the document...

He feels the need to insult her most of the time and he makes her look bad in front of his friend, Cliff. The family life is seen in its uglier stage, not in the phase of romance.
Cliff seems here the only good character, but he has more flaws than qualities. He takes Alison’s side, and defends her in front of Jimmy, acting like a real gentleman but he doesn’t have more good qualities than that. He lacks vision, he’s not a clever person and doesn’t have an opinion on anything at all. As we all know there has to be a good character in every story, but really, there isn’t one person in this play that has the qualities. If we didn’t know better, at first sight it gives us the impression that Alison is married to Cliff and not to Jimmy, more than that, Jimmy sees that, but he’s not bothered at all. Cliff acts more like a husband than Jimmy does, giving us the example of what we may think the “family life” really look like The relationship between Jimmy and Cliff seems to be a very strange one. Jimmy mocks Cliff for his education and insults him in almost every line, because he’s not as educated as he is. They even start a fight, which ends by hurting Alison. Here we find what seems to be Jimmy’s only sign of love towards Alison. He realizes that what he did, has harmed Alison and he apologizes, but Alison asks him to leave the room. Left alone, we observe a certain relation between Cliff and Alison, that doesn’t look like friendship, but more like love. As Cliff takes care of her wound, she confesses to him that she is pregnant. Here, the author defamiliarizes the idea of pregnancy, that means joy in most of the cases, but Alison thinks that she shouldn’t tell Jimmy because he may think that she only wants to trap him in her life. She also confesses to him about the wedding night. We may think that their relation may have been good at the beginning, that somehow, they loved each other. From what Alison says about their wedding night, and how Jimmy was disappointed that she was a virgin, even though this should have been a good thing, we find that Jimmy has always treated her badly, constantly disapproving everything she was or did. As Jimmy enters the room, he apologizes again, and they have their first moment of affection, playing a game of bear and squirrel.
A new character appears, Helena, Alison’s friend on who, Jimmy doesn’t approve, but the feeling is mutual. The girls start talking about Alison’s love life with Jimmy, while he starts playing his trompet. Helena advises her to leave her husband and return home to her parents. It really looks as if she is trying to help her friend, she even calls her father to come pick her...

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