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In the early 1930’s James Truslow Adams defined the American Dream as, “life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement”. His quote alone speaks about individualism, and nowhere is it written that you can’t be your own person. The meaning of the “American Dream” has changed drastically over time due to history and personal opinions; it has almost become a cliché. Embellished by these thoughts we fare to complement one another, in our eyes every day is a new awaking to competition. You would think we're all fighting for the same thing, survival, but we have different ways to achieve it. Whether it's legal or illegally we walk down individual paths on a journey called life that's trailed by the society we live in. In today's society we constantly get bombarded with a promotion of an up scaled world, based on unrealistic expectations and not reality; which produces insecurities, cultural influences and a lack of acceptance.
Many individuals suffer from self-esteem issues which are caused by insecurities from a lack of confidence. The actions of today’s society are largely based on influences from peers, the community we live in, how we we're raise, and through the media. It can be okay to not have confidence in yourself when taking up a new sport that you've only been playing for two day; not because someone calls you fat or you look different from those on TV, or even your classroom. The American culture puts so much emphasis on the ideal images of what a "perfect" man or woman should look like, but does such thing even exists? The vacant images of perfection causes confusion and questioning about one’s physical appearance but never how they should act or think to diminish these insecurities that can cause corruption especially in the younger generations.
Cultural influences have a major effect on kids in today's society. Only in American do things change so frequently for two reasons; one, society can't agree on what's acceptable or not. Two, no soul wants to stand up to make a difference, and become a voice for not only themselves but for others. This is where influences are either acknowledged and enforced or frowned upon.
These influences have affected our culture tremendously, especially since society is prone to technology. In the article, “Never too Buff” by John Cloud, he gives the example of the G.I Joe action figure going from scrawny to extreme in just 8 years. Young boys idealize what they see in their real or fairytale hero's, and often want to be just like them. Children are growing up too fast and are often manipulated by the influence of an individual they decide to follow, but many times we don’t lead by example. They seek out sources to become someone their not but inspire to be, and sad to say but some of these sources are steroids, anorexia, and in some cases obesity. People come in all shapes and sizes and shouldn't be discriminated against for not...

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