Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence Is An Ongoing Process

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Search for extraterrestrial intelligence is an ongoing process. Understanding life is the first step. When looking for life in our solar system and universe, the first place to begin the search for life is to look at life on Earth. Earth has six properties found in all organisms and eight possible theories to how life begin. Over 3 billion years ago till the present; life has gone from a single organism to what it is now. Natural selection enabled life to adapt and enhance the odds of survival. The next step is to look for planets that are within the habitual zone that could possibly sustain extraterrestrial life. The final step is to explore those planets for the possibilities of extraterrestrial intelligence on that planet.
There are six properties that are common in every organism on Earth and will most likely be common in other organism in our solar system. The first property is order. Order is a collection of molecules that have pattern in order to form cell structure within the organism. The second property is reproduction. Every known organism has the ability to reproduce. The third is energy utilization. In order for organisms to perform different activities, organisms use energy as fuel. The fourth is growth and development. Heredity determines how organisms grow and develop. The fifth is response to the environment. Organisms actively respond to the change of environment. The last property is evolutionary adaptation. This is when organisms use natural selection. Changes throughout generation’s helps organism changes of survival go up (Bennett, Donahue, Schneider, & Voit, 2012).
Until 2014 there have been seven theories of genesis of life. The first is electric spark theory which says lighting interacting with methane gas in the Earth’s atmosphere created amino acids. The second is community clay theory. This theory suggests that mineral crystals in clay helped create the first living cell. The third theory is called a chilly start. Life in this theory begins under several hundred feet of ice that may have once covered the oceans long ago. The fourth is deep-sea vent theory where life begun in the sea in a hydrogen-rich environment of submarine, hydrothermal vents. The fifth is RNA world theory. Some people think that life began with RNA instead of DNA. This theory is not a conclusive theory of how RNA got started. The sixth theory is called simple beginning. This theory says that life began from smaller molecules that started to interact with each other in a cycle. The last theory is called Panspermia. This theory suggests life didn’t start on Earth but somewhere else and brought here by a comets or meteors (Choi, 2011).
The newest theory of the origin of life comes from Professor Jeremy England in 2014. His notion is that the second law of thermodynamics provides the framework that increases the probability of existence of life. His formula is based on physics. According to him life needs an external...

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