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Looking At Perception As The Interpretation Of Information

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Looking at Perception as the Interpretation of Information

Perception is the interpretation of information, which we receive
through our senses. We all receive sensory information, like smells,
sounds or noises. We can also make sense of them, both consciously and
unconsciously. This therefore allows us to fit the new information in
with other things that we already know. As part of studying human
beings we need to be able to explain both how the similarities have
come about and also how the differences happen. The study of
perception is one of the most advanced areas of psychology. Many
perceptual processes, especially those involving vision and audition,
are well understood and provide a vital bridge between neuroscience
and behavioral science. But much more must be learned. One major
mystery is how we identify the shapes of things, the configuration of
contours and edges that populate our visual world with poodles,
people, potholes, and Picassos. Another is how we move from
identifying the shapes of objects to identifying the objects
themselves. A third is how perception is influenced by a person's
experiences, motives, expectations, and goals. Psychologists consider
that people have come to be who they are as a result of two sources of
influence: Firstly, their biological make up, and secondly the
experiences which they encounter throughout life. This debate is
called the nature - nurture debate. Within this essay the nature -
nurture debate about perception will be discussed as will the
conflicting theories, evidence and the opinions of the debate.

Perception is the process by which we make sense of our sensations.
The process of perception involves the brain decoding and making sense
of information that it is reading. Sense organs operate through
sensory receptor cells that receive external forms of energy and
translate these in to neural impulse that are in the brain. Within the
perception if form psychologists have advanced two major hypotheses
about the mechanism of pattern perception, or visual recognition of
particular shapes. The first hypothesis suggests that our brain
contains temples of all the shapes we can perceive. We compare a
particular pattern of visual input with these templates until a fit.
The second hypothesis suggests that our brain contains prototypes,
which are more flexible than simple. Perception involves both
bottom-up and top-down processing. Our perceptions are influenced not
only by the details of the particular stimuli we see, but also by
their relations to each other and our expectations

. One of the very first to look at whether perception is learned or
inherited was that of Stratton, in 1893. He spent a week wearing an
inverting lens over one eye. (The other eye was covered with an eye
patch). For the first couple of days, he had great...

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