Looking At The “Fireflies In The Garden”

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Robert Frost’s exaggeration in “The Fireflies in the Garden” is used to emphasize the illumination that the fireflies brought to the garden at night, which just like the stars has brought to the skies. They are not visible to us by day, but at night these small, silent creatures come out one-by-one lighting up the spring night with thousands of tiny lights. Like stars, these little bugs imitate and to an imagination almost seem as they are truly the heavens. Waking up from this place of awe, the fireflies are only bugs and the stars are stars. In “Fireflies in the Garden,” Frost uses imagery to convey that things are static and do not change according to our imagination.
The fireflies are like children-young, happy, full of light. “[A] star-like start” (Frost ln.5). To imagine the fireflies like stars seems to be a childish fantasy to a grown person. However, to a child it’s everything in the world to him that the “(fireflies are) real stars to fill the upper skies”- that he can reach and pick out a star from the sky (Frost L.n. 1) “Children are emotional. And memory has its heyday in them, so that it seems as if they are in just the state which makes fantasies natural. It only shows what power he has is not under any rigid control. He moves as a child, imagines as a child, and has a certain kind of freedom only because he has not won another and higher kind of liberty” (Morgan 58). Children have no biases when it comes to love. Children do not love with expectation of something better in return, they just love. Their love is conditional like the rays of a sunbeam. It is a kind of love that comes straight from the heart, without preconditions or expectations. Sooner or later that little mind grows to understand the world around them and learns about un-pure things that turn them from child to man.
As we grow older, we notice that our perspective changes at different stages of life, like the fireflies are not really stars, but bug with glowing bodies. Situations are static they do not change, “(And they were never really star-like...

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