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Looking At The Realities Essay

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Life isn’t just about seeing the world through our own eyes, but seeing the world in the eyes of others and beyond what we can see. In a drama, we tend to look at the protagonists’ life but forget the antagonist’s reasons. We tend to forget that there are two parts in every story, especially the story of life, and I think that this is what philosophical thinking really makes us do, to make us aware of what is water, and to let us be in being and not just be.
There are many day-to-day things that tend to make us fall into the trap of loosing our patience, and I guess, on this particular day, I almost lost mine. It was the end of a very long week, and I only had a few hours of sleep, yet I still had many things to do, papers to finish, org works to do, and quizzes to study for. My mind is already a jumbled mess, and all I wanted was a few hours of sleep. However, I needed to first pass by the ...view middle of the document...

This was a lesson for the road, but I also remembered this when I was waiting in line in the grocery store. You know when you feel that people are just against you that day? When there are about 15 or more checkout counters out there, but you just have to pick the slowest? It was so frustrating, my mind was conjuring images of me going home and sleeping, and yet here I was, in line, still waiting. Yet, while I was in line, I remembered what I told the driver, I remembered the lessons I had learned in philosophy. I looked all around me and asked myself “What is water?” I never really did this, and for once, I was aware enough to think of others, to think that they might be facing more problems than me. I became aware of the similarities in our lives, the Philein, and the differences or rather the uniqueness that each one of us has that binds us all together. I began to think that maybe, the cashier was just tired for the day, or that the people before me are just as tired as me, or even that the woman who bumped into me was simply rushing to go home to her sick child.
I became aware of the things around me, of the reality of water, and the reality that there is more to being than just being, that we need to be Alles Seiende ist im Sein (All Being is in Being). I began to see that though the world is vast and everyone is unique, there is this certain yearning for the Sophon that will bind us together in our differences. From Wallace, Critchley, Ricoeur, Heidegger, and Marcel, there is this standing similarity of the notion of philosophy, which is that to be a philosopher or to think in philosophy, one must think beyond what is, to be aware of the things around us, and yet to express everything in our own way of being, taking into consideration that as humans, we are always part of this whole, of this community we live in.

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