Looking At The City Of Las Vegas, Which Industries Have Strived During 1987 To 2000.

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We all know it as the city of sin, Las Vegas; however, despite the sinful part of the city and the once mob influence, this city has developed greatly from the last two decades especially in certain industries such as construction, real estate, retail trade, transportation, general services. After World War II city of Las Vegas, Nevada was a little desert city with no idea what would hit them following the next few decades. Like most happenings around the world, Las Vegas did not start on the right foot, it was know as a "criminal city-state" (Sally, 11) and it continue into the late eighties were "the city's original regime of organized crime had evolved and transfigured itself, at least in part, into a more refined and outwardly legitimate corporate oligarchy" (Sally,11) defining that Las Vegas did not only start the legalization of gambling it also helped spread the legalization across forty-seven other states, as well as Native American reservations. After constructing both tables, an apparent result concluded while comparing the figures of the metropolitan areas of Las Vegas, Nevada to the rest of the US.The figures (figure back of essay) of the US During the time periods of 1987-2000 were quite obvious that nationally the US progressed well during this time frame. There were only two area that had suffered negative numbers; Manufacturing, and Federal Military, otherwise all of the other industries compiled an average of 25%-30% increase. The services industry tops all others with a 57.03%. However, in relation towards the metropolitan area of Las Vegas the figures of the US do not come close. For the duration of the thirteen year time period, Nevada's numbers were astonishing, most industries except for three of them (Federal Civilan, Federal Military, and State Government) were the only ones that produced numbers under a 100% increase. Federal Military industry was the only one to generate a negative number of -18.41%, in contrast the Finance, insurance, and real estate industries had the biggest increase of 220.37%. How can it be understood that a little city such as Las Vegas is able to amass such increase?It all started 1989 with the $610 million dollar Mirage resort being built, followed by 1990's $300 million Excalibur theme park. Later in 1993 Luxor Resort $373 million, and in the same year $430 million Treasure Island Resort was built. After in 1995 the $1 billion MGM Grand Hotel, Casino and Theme Park was built, which became the world second largest hotel with an amazing 5,000 rooms, and the biggest casino in the world. In 1996, the $550 million Stratosphere was built supplying a 100,000 square-foot casino with amusement rides, and in that same year $344 million Monte Carlo resort was built, the next year the $2 billion project of New York New York resort was built. In 1998, the immaculate 1.8 billion Bellagio was built and, in the same year the $1 billion, Manadalay Bay resort was built. Ultimately in 1999, the $2 billion,...

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