Looking Back On Hindsight, Was It Necessary For Australia To Be Involved In The Vietnam War?

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Hindsight refers to the understanding of what should have been done in an event when looking back at it in the future. Vietnam War occurred in 1962, it was a war between North Vietnam and South Vietnam – the Capitalists and The Communists. Australia took part in this war, and it is known to be the longest war Australia was ever involved in. In 1954, Vietnam was divided at the 17th Parallel, this caused hatred against the north and the south. Vietnam War started due to after World War II there were two powers in the world - communists (Soviet Union/Russia also known as “the Eastern Bloc”) and capitalists (USA also known as “the Western Bloc”). The difference between these two powers is that communism means sharing wealth, an example of communism is everyone getting paid the same amount as everyone else. While capitalism is the believe in private ownership of a property, such as everyone getting paid as how much they deserve. This is known to be the Cold War period, as it was a period of ongoing hatred. Australia was to go to Vietnam War to defend South Vietnam, also to support the United States and stop communist from spreading. Looking back on hindsight I believe that Australians should be in involved in the Vietnam War, although many will disagree with my option.One reason why Australia should be involved in Vietnam War was that it is Australia’s duty to protect its country from communism entering Australia. Communism seemed to be spreading all over the world. Australia feared of communism and was worried that it would come to Australia in one of two ways.Firstly it could come from the domino theory, Australia feared that the countries would fall like “dominoes” to communism and eventually getting to Australia, it would of made Australia fallen victim to communism just like Russia and China did. This would cause Australia in imminent danger, as to Australians didn't like the idea of sharing their wealth and wanted to keep their money to themselves.Secondly, Australians were already worried about communism as Soviet spies were being planted in Australia, such as the incident with Vladimir Petrov. On 13 April 1954, Vladimir Petrov, a Russian diplomat was sent to Australia to spy on Australia’s government. Petrov admitted to Robert Menzies that he was a Russian communist sent to Australia as a spy and asked Menzies for a political asylum, due to if he returns to Russia he may be killed for not doing his job accurately and telling Australia its secret. Robert Menzies accepted and allowed Petrov and his wife to stay in Australia. This incident raised Australia’s fear of communism and security.Under the Menzies Government, it was very anti-communist decade, in the 1950s Menzies promised that he would introduce laws to stop communism coming to Australia. He then introduced the “Communist Party Dissolution Bill” this required anyone who is communists in Australia to prove his or her innocence....

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