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Looking For A Canvas Of Hair

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Cosmetology: the art of beautifying. An individual is the canvas, a picture waiting to be made. When a painter gets ready to paint, they first envision the outcome in their mind. They concentrate on the final product and move the brushes with their hands to get to the final outcome. Cosmetologists do the same: first they listen to what the client wants, then they picture it in their head, lastly they create the final image. Mixing hair dye as a painter mixes paint or using shears as a painter uses a brush, each stroke of the brush and each snip of the shears helps move both the painter and the cosmetologist to the final outcome. Cosmetology is a growing field of work; many young hair artists ...view middle of the document...

The dyes are part of the fumes being sucked in as air, yet they pose another problem within the work conditions. Being in contact with dyes can ultimately hurt not only your lungs from breathing them in yet your hands also. When using dyes, gloves are strongly advised to keep the harmful chemicals off the hands. Rubbing at your eye or scratching a sensitive area can cause damage to the skin or eye if not rinsed off immediately after contact. Standing, fumes, and dyes can cause anyone a problem, yet when being exposed to them on a daily basis they become more noticeable. When thinking about all of these conditions that come with my chosen career, no doubts come to mind because the love of the job outweighs the conditions being dealt with while working.
Throughout the years, individuals have been cutting, dying, and styling hair to make it look unique. The present is no exception; now more than ever there are people who change their hair to express who they are and what they are feeling. Cosmetologists are the ones that help; they can change a person into a whole new being with a few snips. There are many things that cosmetologist are responsible for that help the client’s image come to life. While many people think that cosmetologists only cut, trim, and style hair, they provide so much more. They give helpful tips to care for hair, scalp, and skin. They also provide the customer with advice on how to style hair on their own to keep it looking tip-top. They also give advice on makeup, which colors compliment and which colors look dreary, and how to position the makeup so the customer’s face has a healthy glow.
Over the years, people have referred to my personality as upbeat, creative, personable, helpful, and caring, which I believe would complement my career as a cosmetologist. When dealing with clients all day, it is necessary to have good listening skills and the ability to interact with them so they become loyal clients. This to me is easy; I enjoy talking with people and learning about their lives which will help them form a connection with me and keep using me as their cosmetologist. I am also a good listener, which will come in handy when listening to what they have in mind for their hair. Being creative is another quality cosmetologists cannot go without;...

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