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Looking For Happiness Essay

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What does happiness mean to you? How do you know you are happy or not? In today’s
world, happiness is an ambiguous word. Dan Buettner is a New York Times best-selling
author. In his article, “Excerpt from Thrive: Finding Happiness the Blue Zones Way”, he aims
to inform people different levels of happiness and where is the happiness come from.
“Through …experimentation…, they’ve …, focusing not only on the nature of human
happiness, but also on discovering ways to improve our chances for personal well-being.”
(5) As all people have different views and meanings toward happiness, it motivates Buettner
to write the essay and giving a sense of what is happiness to other people. By ...view middle of the document...

It is
because some people may think these three cases cannot represent the example of
happiness. Furthermore, the description used in Buettner’s personal anecdote helps to
increase the tone of the essay and help readers getting deep of their impression before
reading forward the article. “You can’t find a better job than delivering garbage, Hammer
whispered conspiratorially.”(2) Norridah states that “I’m a 9.5! I have a lot of friend from a
wide variety of back grounds.” The technique of personal anecdote also demonstrates the
essay that it begins with informal and personal. Informal and personal writing help to catch
readers’ attention in order not to make them bored. As a result, the personal anecdote is an
evidence to support the idea of people are able to manage happiness by thoughts and
After giving some example of what is happiness by using personal anecdote, Buettner
uses his organization writing style to explore deeper about happiness. Buettner arranges his
essay into three parts. First, he uses personal anecdote to give reader a basic idea of what is
happiness to some people. Second, he cites some experts’ sayings of what is happiness in
order to give reader a professional answer. Third, he also cites some experts’ sayings to
inform readers how people control or pursue happiness. Buettner’s last two parts of the
essay are written in division. He divided these into eight questions. For example, the
questions are “What is happiness?”(6) “Do we have any control over our happiness?”(8)
“Can money buy happiness?”(10) This kind of organization makes the content concise and it
will be good for reader to understand what is the following content is going to talk about.
Moreover, Buettner is mostly writing long sentences in his essay. The sentences are smooth
and concise. “If one wants to improve the quality of everyday life, happiness may be the
wrong place to start.”(9) A smooth and concise sentence is effective to deliver a clear idea to
readers. Furthermore, the sentences are declarative. It is used to provide information and
make statement in the essay. Sonja Lyubomirske is a professor of Psychology. Buettner cite
her saying that “she uses the term “happiness” to refer to the experience of joy,
contentment, or positive well-being…” (6) The organization used in Buettner’s essay is
achieving the idea of how people control happiness in an effective and ordered way.
Buettner uses diction with clearness and effectiveness to show his idea of how to
measure happiness is informative. The use of diction helps to make the sentence concise
and clear. Buettner cites Lyubomirsky’s saying that “We let people define happiness for
themselves. There’s no happiness thermometer.”(7) The meaning of this sentence is there
are no any measure that can rate the level of happiness. The word “thermometer” is
effective to shorten the length of the sentence and effective to deliver the meaning behind
the sentence....

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