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Searching For Hope Essay

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I was born in Iran which is in the Middle East. I was raised in a Jewish family. My family consists of my parents, two sisters and myself. I am the middle child in my family. Prior to the Iranian revolution of 1979, my father used to teach in one of the best universities in Iran. However, because of religious matters, the government did not let him teach any more. Consequently, he started his own business. My mom, like many typical Persian moms is a home-maker. As I grew older, I realized that things were changing around me. People were not who they claimed to be and tried to avoid us like the plague. I reminisce on my first year of high school and how mean the kids were. I later realized that they were acting this way because of their feelings of inadequacy. They were so nasty that they would not even shake hands. I decided to ask them why they were acting so cold. The answer I received shocked me to the core of my existence. For hundreds of years people have been judging on race even though they shouldn't. Racism occurs on an everyday basis. I just could not believe that they were so ignorant that they did not want to be friends just because I was Jewish.When I play it back in my mind, I can see why some people could be so ignorant as to make people feel that they are not welcome in their country. Regardless, they have no right to tell me to leave their country because chances are they emigrated from other countries as well. This horrendous behavior came into existence after the Iranian Revolution. As a result of the revolution, people were not allowed to listen to music or educate people enough so they can study free speech and find a way to one day become free again. One day, I came home after school and heard my dad talking with my uncle over the phone. My uncle and aunt were presently living America for about fifteen years. What was said over the phone that day changed my life forever. My parents called my older sister and I, and told us that we were going to leave the country and that they would join us as soon as possible.When we left Iran, we were only seventeen and eighteen. Missing my friends and my house was the worst feeling that I could ever have. To ease the pain, we threw a good-bye party the night before we left. Our plans were to go to Vienna, Austria until we got approved to go tothe United States. It was so cold that I did not have enough time to dwell on the fact that I would be leaving my old life and starting a new one in a foreign country, which was very scary to me. It was the worst experience that I had to ever endure. I truly did not know what was going to happen. Since I had to take care of my sister and myself, I felt a huge responsibility to be mature and successful in America. We were crying the whole time on the flight. The uncertain future was taking its toll on us. I put on the headset to relax and the song "Un-break my heart" by Toni Braxton was playing. It brought back so many memories that we started to fall...

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