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Looking For ¬タワpublic¬タン Art In Hong Kong

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¬タワPublic art is both overlap and contradict concepts, because it has to meet the creators of artistic expression, but also take care of the public will.¬タン Public art is not only a work of art placed in public places, through public participation and discussion, but also constitute a social evolution.¬タン (Ho Siu Kee: 2005) Hong Kong government and conglomerate¬タルs art projects in recent years are way better then the plans in the past (before 2010). But the form of public art is still the same at decades, not much different. And the content of programs and artworks are all like a losing controversial public art, all of it have become widely appealing entertainment pastime. It avoided all ...view middle of the document...

After that Hong Kong government established ¬タワSculpture Walk¬タン and ¬タワSculpture Garden¬タン at Kowloon Park, there are placing with famous international artist (at that time)¬タルs artworks, like Sir Eduardo Paolozzi. The appearing of public art projects in Hong Kong at that time are all for decorative the urban space. ¬タワBecause at that time, Hong Kong¬タルs Economy is booming like the explosive, then, for beautifying the urban landscape with building frenzy with increasing demand." (Chiu Chi Fun: 2008) During the late eighties to the nineties, public and private sector sustainability of the public art program, and the ¬タワpublic art¬タン started to appear in 1990s. like in 1993, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Plan ¬タワart and Space: From sculpture to the device¬タン program and Garden Streams Hong Kong Fellowship Of Christian Artists launched ¬タワArt in Hospital¬タン program. The mid-nineties, there was major reform in Hong Kong culture and the arts. In 1995, the Government established the Hong Kong Arts Development Council and the broad development of arts education. Hong Kong Arts Development Council is committed to ¬タワpromoting artistic creation, providing a richer life while also enhance the general public¬タルs quality of life and appreciation of the arts.¬タン Hong Kong Government is the main driving force of the Hong Kong public Art, there are four departments working on art.

In this project of public art in Hong Kong, my group mates and me visited all of the permanent display public art that was offered by Hong Kong Government in Hong Kong including Symphony of Lights. We found that in addition to most of the nature of the artworks are still stuck in the last century, the nature of the outer city beautification, they are all ¬タワmeaningless¬タン. Of course the artworks got their meanings, what I mean here is about the artworks are ¬タワmeaningless¬タン for the citizen. I can understand that the sculptures placed at Kowloon Park, Hong Kong Park and Tsim Sha Tsui is all from around 1980s to 1990s, the nature of beautify the city. But what is the point of the Government still putting thirty-years ago sculpture at the same places of street for beautify the city about 30 years? It is fine if it¬タルs all because of their thirty-years-old history to let the artworks and space become memorial nature. But it¬タルs not. There are a new function made in the caption for the artworks, it is for the audience to use the phone to call and get more information for all the improper maintenance and damage artworks. The information content is nothing but just telling you how the artist is so creative to make an art form like this. This is meaningless and this does not meet the contemporary world. Although the artworks are too old fashion and traditional, all of them are made of superb skills, you still can enjoy the sight of it.

Tung Chung Artwalk Project in 2006 at Yat Tung Estate that is the worst public art project I have ever seen in Hong Kong. Yat Tung...

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