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Looking For Relationships Between Variables In Malaysia

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This research is a correlation design because it is a study that employed surveying method and also the variables measured in this study are used to look for relationship between the variables. There are four variables in this study. They are perceived mother acceptance. The second predictive variable is perceived father acceptance or rejection. The third predictive variable is the gender of respondent which consists of male or female. Lastly, the criterion variable of the study is psychological adjustment.
Sample/Sampling Technique(s)
Sample of 135 questionnaires were gathered from respondents in Malaysia, with ages ranging from 18 years to 35 years old through an online survey method ( and also personal handout (with both method by means of convenient sampling and snowball sampling). Convenient sampling method is used because it allows researcher to be able to gather information from the general population. It is also based on the willingness of individuals to participate in the study and completing the questionnaires. Snowball sampling was also employed because researcher request for respondents’ help in spreading the study’s questionnaires to their friends, relatives and colleagues. The requirements for this study is that participants must be at least 18 years of age, male and female, no restriction on ethnicities or races. Respondent must also have lived or are living with their married parents presently or grew up with married parents in the past. No rewards were given to respondents but they were informed that their contribution is important in the field of parental acceptance.
A demographic survey (refer to Appendix A) is used for this study to seek personal information from respondent, which consists of two questions: gender and age. In addition, two different types of questionnaires were used for this research. They are firstly, the Adult Parental Acceptance-Rejection Questionnaire (PARQ) short form version, in which current study used both mother and father version to assess respondent perceived mother acceptance and father acceptance (refer to Appendix A for mother version and refer to Appendix B for father version). Another questionnaire used in this study is the Adult version of Personality Assessment Questionnaire (PAQ) (refer to Appendix C). Adult versions of PARQ (father and mother) and adult version of PAQ were used because the participants recruited in this study were above 18 years of age. These questionnaires were also part of the Parental Acceptance-Rejection theory that the present study employed and it is logical to use these questionnaires.
As mentioned earlier, there are two versions of Parental Acceptance Rejection Questionnaire (PARQ). The short version of PARQ is used for this study in order to avoid maturation from respondents. The function of Adult Parental Acceptance Rejection Questionnaire (PARQ) short form used in this study is to find out respondent’ perceived...

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