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My personal goal is to work toward my next rank in the Army. I am currently a Sergeant in the Army and I am working toward my next rank of Staff Sergeant. The way I am working toward this goal is utilizing some attributes I have learned from the SMART goal process. One I am going to start with my physical conditioning. The way I am working toward this is I am going to start taking time away from work on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I am going to implement one hour on these selected days to work on the things I am struggling in. I have currently moved to Colorado and the altitude has put a hindrance on my cardio. To better myself in this area I am going to take thirty minutes on these ...view middle of the document...

My professional goal is to ensure not only retire from the Army buy also ensure I receive a future job with the Department of Natural Resources. To start off with my retirement goal. There is a lot of attributes tied into this goal which in the end will allow me a better chance of getting the future career I am pushing toward. I am going to ensure I make the next rank in the Army of Staff Sergeant. Without this rank I will not be able to retire according to the Army standard currently. My personal goal is going to allow me a better chance toward retirement. Along with the tools toward my personal goal I will also ensure I am pushing toward my education which as I stated prior I will state later in the paper. I have currently four years left on my recent Army contract which will put me at twelve years with only eight years to go on my retirement. I will ensure I learn everything I can to put myself ahead of my peers in the Army to allow me to be better educated as well as have a better chance at retirement. In the Army it is not as easy to retire as it was ten years ago. You have to work toward that goal ensuring you are doing all the right things. I will complete my bachelors degree in Environmental Studies as well as push for my Masters by the time I retire. To ensure I meet this goal I will ask my family as well as my supervisors for the support and time I need to complete my education needs. In the end one year from my retirement I will take time to talk to a current employee of the Department of Natural Resources and set up a meeting with his/her supervisor to conduct a interview and see what I need to be successful in this field as well as try and conduct on the job training before I am selected. I will also research and submit my application with a letter of recommendation to the department. This is my only hindrance toward my professional goal. I will take the next ten years and ensure I have all the tools to set myself up for success in this field before retiring from the Army.
My academic goal is to receive my bachelors degree in Environmental Studies as well as pursue my masters degree in this field. I want to ensure I have every tool need to succeed in my future plans. For me to be successful in this goal I will ensure I set timely...

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