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Looking in DepthThere are hundreds and thousands of cultures around the world. It is interesting to see similarities among people from different countries, different cultures, different religions, and different backgrounds. Many different cultures may exist in one country. For example in Pakistan, there are only four states, but many different cultures. There are Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, and many more. But when we come to see the similarities in those culture and what we can learn about ourselves it is shocking.So far we have looked into three different cultures in this class. First we looked at the article of Laura Bohannan, "Shakespeare In the Bush. We looked at the Tiv culture and what do we learned from them. It is interesting to find about ourselves when experience a different culture. Especially a culture that is not in the same country but far away from our own. When Laura Bohannan told the story of Shakespeare to the Tiv culture, they basically tore the story apart. Asking her questions that she had no answer to and making predictions about the story. Laura Bohannan protested that human nature is pretty much the same the whole world over, but she was shocked when she found out that in their culture there is no idea of after-life and especially a ghost who can walk and talk. In the article, the idea of elders knowing more was also very convincing. This is true in most cultures. When Laura was unable to answer some of the questions the Tiv elders said go back and ask your elders about it. In a Pakistani culture we believe that as well. Whenever something is not right or we do not understand what to do in a situation, we ask our elders. The reason that elders know is at one point or another elders might have researched and experienced the same situation. By visiting the Tiv culture, Laura Bohannan learned the art of storytelling and how genealogical details made all the difference. However, she learned more about herself and about her culture. Before telling the story to the Tiv culture she thought that human nature was the same the whole world over, but she was wrong. Human nature differs from culture to culture and nation to nation.Watching "Wild Horses of Mongolia" provides another insight to a different culture. Why do we experience or look in depth at a culture? This question can be answered in many different ways. A culture is a great learning tool, by examining it closely we learn about our own culture, others, and ourselves. In this movie we learned about people but more about the animals, in particular horses. The Mongolian Nomad culture revolved around the horses. They used horses as means of transportation, food, energy, and entertainment. They moved through steppe with their portable houses, called gerh, and stayed anywhere they wanted. There were many similarities in Mongolian Nomad culture and in Pakistani culture. First and foremost it surprised to found out that we call our houses the same as they did a gerh, but...

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