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Looking Outside The Box Essay

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In his primary law, Sir Isaac Newton once stated: “Inertia is the tendency of moving objects is to stay in motion unless an external force is exerted upon them.” Most people live on the lessons of their guardians, and unless a person contradicts them, they continue to live on the teachings. When they meet this person contradicting them, they continue to live on the teachings. When they meet this person contradicting them, they would only change their way of thinking if the external idea is accepted, and so, this outsider is represented by a few “outsiders” within Wayson Choy’s The Jade Peony – all whom contribute with their various functions. These outsiders have very important individual ...view middle of the document...

He shared with her a very special kind of bond that transcends intergenerational bounds and taught her new ideas that allowed her to grow:
“I [Jook-Liang] was happy.
I knew our adopted relationship was a true one.
Wong Suk [Wong Bak] would otherwise be one of the many discarded bachelor-men of Chinatown – and I, barely tolerated by Poh-Poh, would be a useless girl-child.” {I, ii, 38-39}
Following their whimsical paradise, the final revelation in their relationship was at hand. At this time, Jook-Liang was too young to understand the reason why their bond was severed, and yet, this experience would be the last Wong Suk would share with her. Jook-Liang’s final departing words to her “bandit-prince” resonate throughout the book. The development of Jook-Liang’s character is greatly impacted by the outsider Wong Bak, and this kind of relationship almost mirrors with Jung-Sum.
Trailing down the divided book, we meet our second of the trio of protagonists: Jung-Sum, and just as similarly, he tells the story through his eyes. We learn of his past where his birth parents were deceased, and that he was an orphan that was constantly shoveled from family to family like undesirable cattle given from shepherd to shepherd: until he met Poh-Poh. At first, he wasn’t trusting of Poh-Poh, and yet, subsequently, he finally became accustomed to his new life with his new family. Following his story, we learn of Poh-Poh’s intuition in a small conversation between Poh-Poh and their neighbor Mrs. Lim that surprises her:
“‘Jung-Sum is the moon.’ Poh-Poh said.
‘The moon? Impossible!’ Mrs. Lim blurted.
Mrs. Lim knew the moon was the yin principle, the female.”{II, v, 81-82}
This intuition is what helps Jung-Sum to realize what he is truly inside. As the story...

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