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Looking To The Future Telecommuting

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The concept of telecommuting was around since the 1800"s although the technology to make the concept a reality only emerged to the public in the mid 1970"s,the Internet. Allowing data to be accessed from a remote location brought about anew scope in the way work could be carried out. Testing started and were carried outby an insurance company who had satellite stations. These stations allowed remoteaccess to the downtown mainframes and permitted offsite employees to performsimple actions such as screen navigation and enhanced monitoring. The fast evolu-tion of personal computers and telephone networks created a combination that wouldsoon lead to increasing popularity in telecommuting as a means of increasing com-pany prots and providing employee satisfaction, as witnessed in recent decades.! Furthermore globalization and our new found consciousness about our planetled us to instate new regulations such as the Clean Air Act having a direct effect onencouraging telecommuting. "The Clean Air Act amendments were adopted with theexpectation of reducing carbon dioxide and ground-level ozone levels by 25percent".[1] This act stipulates that companies with over 100 employees are to en-courage telecommuting to help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide release and thatcarpools, public transportation and shortened workweeks would all be strongly rec-ommended. This had an effect on a federal level where companies that did not com-ply with these guidelines had budgets withheld. This is not only benecial to our en-vironment by reducing congestion on roads, reversing our carbon footprint andeconomizing our petroleum expenses. It is also benecial to companies by reducingcost, improve productivity and raising the level of employee satisfaction.! The positive effects of engaging in the modern movement of telecommuting canbe seen in the following ways; environmental impact and the benets acquired byTelecommuting 2[1]Siano, M. (1998, March-April). "Merging home and ofce: telecommuting is a high-tech energy saver" [Elec-tronic version]. E.companies. As our planet"s climate changes at a frightening rate, we have beenslowly waking up to see that it is our responsibility as individuals to examine our im-pact, consciously. Therefor taking action to rst slow down our destructive pace, andeventually reverse the damage inicted. Applying pressure to corporations and theirduty to join the ght to preserve our environment is a crucial step in helping thisplanet heal, seeing as they are responsible for much of the harm. Telecommutingallows individuals reduce their carbon footprint by minimizing the amount of fossil fu-els combusted. Carpooling of even working from home means less carbon dioxideemissions, thus an immediate lower negative impact on the environment.! Companies also gain advantages by promoting telecommuting such as; bolster-ing their green bona des, reducing real estate costs, higher employee retention, andincrease productivity. Companies who tend to be more...

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