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During the time of the Constitution, life was far different from today, people were less educated and everybody had a say in all governmental business. Now, society has changed, we’ve industrialized, and technology and education have advanced immensely. With the change, the Constitution had to be modified and loosely interpreted, to better not only it, but the life of American citizens. Therefore, I believe that loose construction is better than strict construction, because it allowed early society to expand the power of the executive branch, which later improved society itself.
Throughout his presidency, Abraham Lincoln, was criticized for actions that were deemed “unconstitutional.” Although, without these important acts by assumption of presidential power, equality, and the country of America itself would be different. As James G. Randall once said, “No president has carried the power of presidential edict and executive order (independently of Congress) so far as (Lincoln) did... It would not be easy to state what Lincoln conceived to the limit of his powers. ” Between April 1861 (the beginning of the civil war) and July 4, 1861, Lincoln performed many important acts without congressional approval. Without these acts America would be far different than it is today. For example, Lincoln, brought forth the militia to go about their way and retire, increased the size of the navy and the army, expended funds for the purchase of weapons, and instituted an act of war and suspended the precious wit of habeas corpus.Indubitably, Lincoln didn’t deem these actions constitutional or the declaration of civil war, but the suspension of rebellion. Therefore,his actions may not have been constitutional, but they stopped the growing feud between the North and South, and provided national security for a country in need.
Although, the creation of the US Air Force violates strict constructionist interpretation of the federal government’s powers, it is implicit and should be allowed. Although, the strict constructionists argue that the Constitution gives powers to an Army and Navy, an air force should be allowed for the sense of national security. Major General Charles Dunlap Jr., published an article in “Armed Forces Journal” insisting airpower “can solve the most important problems associated with counterinsurgency.” Airpower was proven powerful and effective when it brought victory in the 1999 Kosovo war on its own. As Robert Farley wrote in his article “Abolish the Air Force,” “the united states Air Force has made important tactical contributions to the US war efforts.” For example, the American Air Force destroyed 1/3 of the Iraqi vehicles in the war against Iraq. During, the Afghanistan war they supported the Northern Alliance. As well as, destroying...

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