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Lorax Paper

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It all started with the fall of the first Trufala tree. The Once-Ler had just arrived to the Trufala tree forest, were he was looking for fabric soft enough to make his thneed. “This Trufala tree is so soft, softer than silk” the Once-Ler said and with one big swing of his ax came the fall of the first Trufala tree.
He became to nit the Trufala cloth into the thneed but little did he know that when he cut down the first Trufala tree that, the speaker of the trees would show, the Lorax. When the Lorax appeared, he was angry from what the Once-Ler had done, “What have you done” said the Lorax! “I have made a thneed with this Trufala tree” said the Once-Ler. “What is a thneed” asked the Lorax. The Once-Ler informed the Lorax about his new product, “It’s a shirt, and a carpet, also it is a hat, it also has many more reasons, everybody needs a thneed” said the Once-Ler”. And the Once-Ler had plans to make this thneed into a huge company, but the Lorax said “Who would buy this thing”, right then a car drove by and purchased the first thneed. The Once-Ler said “This is a big begging to a corporation, so then the Once-Ler built a radio phone and called his family to come and help him knit thneeds. Soon the whole family was working non-stop knitting thneeds and chopping down Trufala trees like no tomorrow and the customers buying thneeds increased rapidly, money kept coming and the Once-Ler needed more space to make more thneeds. I need a bigger factory thought the Once-Ler and he got what he desired. And since he got his bigger factory, the chopping of Trufala trees was double and tripling. The Lorax became infuriated from what the Once-Ler was doing and he tried to stop him but nothing seemed to work. The Once-Ler kept growing his factory to make more thneeds in a quicker time and the Trufala tree population kept declining, at a rapid rate. Thneeds were flying off the shelf like nothing and with people buying more thneeds that made the Once-Ler greedier than ever. And one day the Lorax had a talk with the Once-Ler, “Your Machines are cutting down Trufala trees and my...

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