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Only a man who had experienced two World Wars could produce Lord of the Flies. The book Lord of the Flies is about a man’s dark heart who cannot escape violence and ferocity. During War World II, schoolboys from England were evacuating to a deserted tropical island. The plane was attacked and the passengers who were in the plane were dropped off on an island for safety. Those boys, who were on that island, were no older than 12 years old without any adult to supervise them. These boys are forced to get along and compromise to make decisions without any involvement of adults. These children were lacking civilization but, they faced many challenges that forced them to create a new society ...view middle of the document...

After several tries, Ralph finally made some sound out of the conch. When hearing the sound of the conch, all of the schoolboys came together at the platform for the first time. Ralph arranged the meeting to start getting the group organized. Ralph feels responsible to help the others by building shelters and especially to make fire in order to create a smoke signal. At this early point in the novel, his impact over the seemed safe. He supported all the boys when they needed him. Especially Piggy; Ralph and Piggy were together until Piggy was murdered. However, Ralph was on his way toward cruelty, he could be like Jack and others but the true fact is it took him longer to get to savagery than other. At this early point in the novel, his impact over the boys seemed safe. He supported all the boys when they needed him, especially Piggy; Ralph and Piggy were together until Piggy’s was murder. However Ralph was on his way toward the cruelty, he could be like Jack, and others but the true fact is, it took him longer to savagery than others. For example, Ralph also demonstrated his weaknesses when he tells the group the awful nickname that his friend hated was “Piggy”; the boys therefore, they called him that name for rest of his life. On the other hand, he tries to make up for it later when Jack yells at Piggy calling him “Fatty”, Ralph stood up for piggy by saying that Piggy is was not fat. Then again, When Ralph was with Jack he hunted wildly. Golding describe Ralph first hunting trip by saying,” Ralph launched himself like a cat; stabbed, snarling, with the spear, and the savage doubled up” (Golding 177). Ralph was capable of acting like savage when he hurled like an animal. Ralph could have been part of Jack’s group of savage if Piggy was not there to give him advice about what was good or bad. Patrick Reilly, author of literature Resource Center, states that “Ralph and Piggy both fail to see that in silencing Simon. They are in effect delivering themselves into Jack’s hand” (Reilly 5). When Jack made his own tribe, Ralph’s tribe was desperate without the meat because Jack’s was made of all the hunters. Ralph and Piggy were invited to Jack’s party, and also to be in his tribe. At the party, the savages were all dancing and chanting like animals. Eventually Simons came out from the bushes and everyone thought was a beast so they attempted to hunt it down. Ralph realized that the beast that they killed that night was actually Simon. When he was explaining Piggy about what they’ve done, Ralph said “That was Simon”, (Golding 142). Ralph can no longer see the world as safe because he has gained knowledge of the evil which sneak around in the darkness of man’s heart. He even said “I’m frightened. Of us” (142). He remain the same as he was at the beginning and also he was scared of death and whatever it was happening at the island at that time. Thinking back to this, Ralph tried so hard to maintain the boys and the breakdown of the society until they...

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889 words - 4 pages when we wanted and when it was necessary, without anyone preventing us. We weren't bounded with obligations, we had no time to fulfill and we didn't have to work all month to earn a paycheck and survive. Especially because hours, days, weeks, months or years didn't exist, these were all inventions. In Lord of the Flies written by William Golding this is how Ralph, Jack, Simon, Roger, Piggy, Sam and Eric and all the other boys who fell on an island

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