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Lord Of The Flies And The Maze Runner

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William Golding's book, Lord of the Flies, represents the deepest and most dangerous nature of human kind.  The story unravels as the boys are left to take care of themselves with no adults and no laws; "their civilized and regular selves leave and they evolve into more dangerous and violent humans, the true nature of human kind."  Similarly, James Dashner's book, the Maze Runner, represents a nature of human kind as well.  However, although the boys are left to take care of themselves, their civilized and regular selves flourish as they keep their society structured and ordered.  The major theme in both novels are civilization against savagery.  The similarities and differences in the ...view middle of the document...

 Ralph attempts to set out rules, protect the innocence of the younger boys in the group and apply all of the morals he learned growing up as an English boy.  Jack's character represents the dark impulses that humans have.  In the book, Golding seems to use civilization as a way of "providing an outlet for the savage impulses that reside in everyone."  At the beginning of the novel, Jack's thirst for power and blood is satisfied with being given the job of a hunter; his impulses are being use for good.  Soon, savagery overcomes civilization and the impulses can no longer be used for just productivity.  Jack's desire to have power overrules his good side and all of his followers end up the same way.  By the end of the novel, savagery has completely won over civilization and it becomes the "prevailing system" on the island, unlike the Maze Runner.
        Jack, Alby and Thomas are all extremely confident, strong willed and intelligent leaders in the novels.  Although Thomas is not the main leader in the novel, the Maze Runner, being a leader doesn't depend on where you stand in society; it depends on the manner in which you conduct yourself and deal with situations.  The way Jack compared to Alby and Thomas uses the quality of leadership, is what separates them as people. For example, Jack craves and desires power more than any other person on the island. When he loses the election against Ralph, he becomes furious and continues to act out. He eventually forms his own group where he is the leader and uses everyone's fear of the Lord of the Flies to control the group. His love of violence and authority makes him even more of an effective leader, but a leader whom everyone fears. Jack, being a very manipulative leader, uses his strengths to his advantage instead of for the benefit of other people. While he is very resourceful and effective when getting a job done, his way of leading and conducting others can be very rude and arrogant. He even starts to beat members of his group up just because he feels he has so much power and needs to exert this power as the leader in the group.
        While Alby and Thomas are excellent leaders, they do not use these skills to their advantage but use them to help other people. Thomas tries to include other people’s ideas and make everyone feel respected and needed. For example, when leading a group of runners, they talk to people with politeness and courtesy, yet are vocal and confident when standing up to others if they aren't...

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