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The context of William Golding's 'Lord of the Flies' has influenced the unique themes explored within the text. This is apparent throughout the text in which a group of boys have found themselves alone on a stranded island without adult supervision. Themes, such as savagery and power, have been impacted by the post-World War II context. The society's absence of feminine figures while praising masculinity is shown when viewing from a feminist reading perspective. When viewing this text from such a stand point, responders are made aware this is what may have caused the society's demise into barbarity.
The novel is a reflection of the horrors that society was affected by due to the Second World War. The author creates a microcosm where a romanticised island environment becomes the device of confinement as a group of British school boys become isolated from the real world after crash landing there. The antagonist, Jack, is represented as a fascist power; using his false authority he manages to fracture the community the boys create. Jack utilises his self-given position of power to manipulate the other boys using well-constructed propaganda, which was heavily used in the Second World War as a way to control the thoughts of the public on the war. In contrast to the characterization of Jack, Ralph is represented as a symbol of democratic leadership yet one who is ultimately disregarded. The second world war's influence on Golding and his involvement in it is reflected through the elements of war and conflicting ideologies that are present through the novel and its characters.
Throughout the novel, Golding uses the repeating theme of power to portray an androcentric world which relates back to the context of 'Lord of the Flies'. The text shows characters, Jack and Ralph, as dominate over the stranded boys, they use this power to manipulate the thoughts and actions of the society on the island. The power struggle between the characters is influenced by the post war context; the...

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