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Lord Of The Flies Critical Essay Response

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In Theodore Dalrymple’s “Theodore Dalrymple Reflects on Human Depravity”, the author discusses how The Lord of the Flies by William Golding refers to the instinct in all humans through the characters of Ralph, Jack and Piggy, and serves as a reminder to us all of what we can and cannot control. Dalrymple discusses the “evil of man” which lurks in us all, the ruthless barbarian inclination to do whatever, whenever. The price of decency is eternal vigilance, according to Dalrymple, because there is an evil awaiting its opportunity to take over. The author also points out of the idea that evil is lurking proves how thin and fragile civilization (the only thing protecting us from barbarism) stands. Evil however, can get around civilization through the rise of power. Dalrymple writes how Jack represents the savage that has taken over humanity, while Ralph and Piggy are eventually isolated as ...view middle of the document...

There are various events throughout Lord of the Flies that demonstrate the beastiality surfacing on the island, from the disagreement in leadership to the bloody rituals and savage dances. Early on, the boys question the existence of the island beast- where it came from, or whether it even existed. During a meeting discussion, Simon recognizes that, “maybe it’s only [them]...” and points out that perhaps the beast is only themselves. If this was true, which they later find out it is, Simon effectively realizes that the beast always lived inside everyone as the evil that lurks within. The beast had only came out as a result of losing civilization on the isolated island. The evil lurking within lives even in people such as Hitler, who showed his beastiality through his obvious obsession with imaginary enemies, his total power and control, suppression of freedom and persecution. The autocratic ruler is a signature of the savagery that arose from the instinct of barbarianism. Jack is called a “tiny Hitler” because he leads the rest into paths of unthinking evil- and from the start believes in the autocratic rule and shows a clear distaste for democracy. When Ralph and Jack start to argue about the power of the chief, Jack insisted, "Why should choosing make any difference? Just giving orders that don't make any sense…” in response to Ralph asserting that his elected position is most valid. Jack believes that power is taken, as a savage without respect for boundaries or emotions of others. Not until death can we begin to revert to normalcy after allowing our savage selves to take over, such as in the case of Ralph almost dying at the hands of the boys. Sometimes, even after death, the point of no return has already been crossed- as with other times in life where our animal instincts appear without consent. It is the eternal struggle of mankind, stuck between animal and divine god, to control the lurking evil within through civilization- a thin, fragile veneer ready to collapse under the weight of our savage actions.

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