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"Lord Of The Flies" Philosophical Essay .

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Dr. Mortimer Adler wrote the book Great Ideas from the Great Books. In his book he wrote about human nature and behavior, which is a common point in the book Lord of the Flies. Dr. Adler answered a lot of complicated philosophical questions in essay forms. One of theses questions was: " Are there any absolute distinctions between what is right and what is wrong? Or are such distinctions merely an expression of particular culture or of personal opinion?" Things that appear good to us are the things that we desire, but they should meet our natural needs, if they do, then they are really good and right.Mortimer's believes in moral relativism, and his first main idea was that our moral rights depend on the society we belong to. Things that are right in some countries are wrong in others so there is really no way to determine what's right or what's wrong for every one. The next important point that Mortimer discussed was that if you see real good in world and then desire it then you fallow real good. If you desire then call it good-you may be following only what appears to be good. He said that for those people whose moral judgment is based on personal taste calling an action good or bad is like saying "I like chocolate". Mortimer wrote that we could recognize if people have the right opinion about things only if they approve the things that are really good, not objectively right. The last idea that Mortimer wrote about was that men have certain natural things that need to be satisfied and the things that help then satisfy their needs are good. Adler give an example of knowledge, he said that knowledge is a good thing because everyone desires to know. Mortimer says that things can be good if they truly meet persons natural needs.Furthermore in Golding's novel Lord of the Files, the author believes in moral relativism, because as the kids got on the island their moral rights changed as time passed. Their environment changed, and almost no one agreed with the other ones for the reason that they had different moral beliefs. Ralph and Jack, for example never agreed on anything. Jack thought that hunting is right, while Ralph believed that the fire is more important. William Golding wrote: "We'll go hunting every day-"..." You let the fie go out!"(70) This argument between the two boys shows that there really isn't a way to determine what's right for every one. The boys' moral rights changes depending on the group they are member.Also in Golding's novel, many of the boys can't tell the difference, especially Jack, who always said that hunting, is right thing to do because he liked doing it. On the other hand, though, Piggy could almost always recognize the difference. A good example is when he, Ralph, Sam, and Eric went to Castle Rock to take back Piggy's glasses. He realized that that's the right and good thing to do even though it didn't appear to be good. In The Lord of the Flies, everyone tried to do the right thing for them, and they thought that the...

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