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Lord Of The Flies: The Beast Within Us All

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“Everybody has good and evil within them. All we're trying to say is that people are not all good or all bad. People are more complicated than you think, and one has to be more knowledgeable about the complexities.” This quotation from Stephen Schwartz establishes that even the best of people can be bitter by their own nature. In the novel, Lord of the Flies, William Golding removes the restraints of society to prove that it is human nature to live primitively and that evil lies within all of us. The sanctions of society begin to deteriorate due to the loss of communication, Jack’s obsession with hunting, and the inhumane nature of Jack and his “tribe”.

In the novel, Lord of the Flies, the civilization weakens due to a meeting breaking down to complete chaos. In chapter 5, Ralph sounds the conch to gather the group of boys for a serious meeting. Ralph plans the meeting to form the rules on the island. However, as soon as, Ralph establishes the rules, one of the littleuns, Phil, states that there is a beast that comes out a night. Ralph, Simon, Jack and Piggy all try to calm the littleuns down. Nevertheless, the littleuns do not pay attention. The meeting turns into complete chaos when someone yells "shut up, you fat slug!” (98) at Piggy. Golding uses this chaotic meeting to signal the deterioration of civilization. The narrator describes the frenzied meeting as “The world, that understandable and lawful world, was slipping away.”(98) In this quotation, Golding uses diction to show that society is fading. He uses words like “understandable” and “lawful” to remind the reader that this is a miniature version of adult society. The adult society is greatly dependent on communication. Using this knowledge and the use of diction, Golding identifies the world as “slipping away” to show that this miniature society is slowly fading, principally on its communication and order principles. In this novel, Golding places the conch as a representation of civilization. After the meeting, Golding starts describing the conch as pale and subtle. Since, the conch represents civilization; Golding uses diction to suggest that the civilization is slowly fading away. All in all, Golding suggests that the society is diminishing due to the loss of communication.

In the novel, Lord of the Flies, Jack’s obsession with hunting leads to the fading of society. In chapter 4, Jack introduces the idea of painting masks to the group of hunters. However, Golding describes the mask as “a thing on its own”; “behind which Jack hid, liberated from shame and self-consciousness” (66). The mask represents a new identity for the reason that Golding describes the mask as “a thing on its own. As well as,” liberated from shame and self-consciousness” (66) makes the masks look as if it gives the boys more confidence. Ironically, the first time Jack succeeds in killing a pig. The introduction of masks shows how the boys are creating themselves a new identity because there are no rules...

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