Lord Of The Flies: The Transformation Into Savagery. This Essay Explores The Consequences Of Human Life When Isolated From Society.

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Attack of the apes! After studying evolution, one may believe that humans evolved from cavemen, a prehistoric or primitive human that lived in caves. These cavemen were believed to be savages. They were extremely barbaric when hunting for animals and in the killing of their own kind. In today's society, humans have evolved from cavemen into a more civilized and calm stature appropriate for a healthy lifestyle. However, at times, humans can still be reduced to savages in various situations when taken away from their normal surroundings. In William Golding's Lord of the Flies, the island on which the children live is a microcosm of today's world and it contains a bleak picture of society. Golding shows that even after the years of evolution, when humans are taken away from modern society they are still reduced to savages. This was displayed through the characters, the plot and symbols shown in the novel.Golding's creation of characters has depicted how humans can be reduced to savages. Jack Merridew, a British boy that is the lead of the choir group was the first to turn savage. Soon after they had arrived on the island, Jack had the oppourtunity to kill the pig but he could not do it. The pig was ready for a kill at one point and then he paused, "The pause was only long enough for them to understand what an enormity the downward stroke would be." (Golding 28). Jack could not endure the evil and pain that he would be causing to an innocent creature that he was stronger than, but as well he would lose his innocence, which was his form of civility. However, in no time at all, Jack was able to kill the pig. He slowly progressed towards savagery. Soon his animal instincts, passion and his "libido" blinded him from all that is good. Every sense of civility he once had was gone and he has become a total savage. The innocence that was once part of him had been banished and was taken over by a ruthless animal. As well, a sign of the children's immense savagery were the killings of Simon and Piggy. Simon was killed in a game in which the children were simulating the killing of the pig. These children only cared about hunting and killing and they had lost all sense of civility and the ability to create a society. Also a character that has symbolized civility throughout the novel, Ralph, had turned into a savage beast. While the children were hunting the beast, Ralph had thrown his spear and hit the boar. He had begun to feel the power and the adrenaline of hurting something that was innocent. After he made the hit he said, "'I hit him all right. The spear stuck in. I wounded him!'" (124) He was so content that his pleasure of hitting the boar blinded him from what he was doing and removed his civility. He did not realize what he had done because that savage act screened what was actually happening in reality. The death of Simon was a logical progression in savagery denoting that the children were slowly abolishing all the civility left on the island. Piggy...

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