Lord Of The Flies What Has Happened Grade 11 Assignment

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Lord of the Flies: Journal Entry #1
As either Ralph, Piggy or Jack describe your feelings about the crash and the formation of the society.
I can’t believe out of all people I would get stuck on an island with all these British boys. I don’t even know who they are or where we are. The plane just crashed all of a sudden. All I know is that my dad sent me to my aunt’s, so I could get out of the house, but I know he only sent me because he’s a single parent, and its hard for him to spend time with me and balance work. I’m not too worried though, as I know my dad will find me. He works in the Navy and he told me that the Queen has a map of every island in the world. So, I know he’ll find me and save me. For now, I’m stuck with ass-mar boy, who calls himself Piggy, and some other British boys. Piggy believes that the plane didn’t crash, but instead was shot down due to the atrocities during World War 2. I still believe we will be rescued though. After the crash, we got separated on the Island with me and Piggy together and the other boys elsewhere. So, me and Piggy decided to call the boys. We found a funny looking shell, which Piggy told me was a conch and it makes noise when you blow into it. When I blew into it, all the boys quickly came and sat around me. The first thing we did was choose a leader, which turned out to be me instead of Jack. He can’t blame me though, as I was the one to speak up and take action. I don’t think Jack really likes me since I became leader and he also wanted to be the leader. Although, the boys are very different from each other, I still assigned them jobs and gave orders. Once we were on the mountain, all the boys were so impressed with Jack’s offer to have the hunters take the fire duties, that they quickly started praising him instead of me. I couldn’t believe how easily they switched sides. The only boy who didn’t switch sides was Piggy, but then again, he is very intelligent. I guess he thinks more logically unlike the boys who think emotionally. Now that Jack thinks he can take over the boys, only makes matters worse for everyone since the boys couldn’t even keep the fire going. Not only that, but everyone quickly followed my orders which lead to one of the boy’s death. I guess right now the only boy that’s actually on my side is Piggy.
Lord of the Flies: Journal Entry #2
Pretend you are Ralph and discuss your feelings about Jack.
I really don’t know what Jacks trying to do when clearly, I was voted the leader of our group. He keeps trying to steal my authority. First, he gathered all the hunters to reveal a new hunting strategy for which he painted his face red, white and black for. Then he made all the hunters leave fire maintenance, so they could join him to hunt, even though as leader I had already given the hunters jobs to do. Of course, I didn’t know about this plan, so when I spotted the ship passing...

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