Lord Of The Flies?Who Would Be The Better Leader

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In the novel The Lord of the Flies, the author Robert Golding indirectly represents the world and human nature through a savage-like story about a group of British school boys stranded on an remote island. In this story there are two very important key characters which lead this story; Ralph and Jack.Ralph tends to represent a civilized democracy, while Jack represents evil and fascism. Throughout the novel they become enemies, while at the same time each becomes a leader of half the boys. If you look past the good-guy, bad-guy themes of each boy, which do you believe would be the best suitable leader for long-term survival? Ralph was a good leader about trying to escape from the island, but assume there was no chance for a rescue. Who would be able to survive longer? Ralph's leadership or Jack's? Ralph is chosen as the original leader of the boys through an election held by the boys. He is a caring, good person with natural leadership skills and very organized thoughts. He is very fair, equal and tends to all of the boys. His faults are that he is not very forceful and he is too trusting; this leaves him open to be easily taken advantage of. The first evidence of this is right after Ralph is elected he tells Jack "you can lead the choir boys"(ch.1, p.13)and this is actually the start of Jack's whole rebellion. Ralph has good ideas but his ability to apply them is unreliable.Jack on the otherhand is a commanding weak person. The only time Jack becomes brave and strong is when he hides behind his mask. He is a somewhat good leader but he has a spoiled, childish attitude. He is very harsh, strict, and he does not care to protect people, he believes people should protect themselves. Jack became a leader through a rebellion of the older boys to create a tribe of hunters. His leadership skills are good in the sense that he can make quick decisions and he always goes through with these decisions. Jack is extremely controlling, forceful, and intimidating which makes him a strong leader. While his faults on the otherhand are mainly his lack of communication skills and his inability to accept someone else's faults.He is very selfish and cannot take orders from other people. He never thinks things through and he is constantly caught up in the heat of the moment. Jack is considered very "evil" in the sense that if he doesn't agree with someone else's logic he discriminates against them. Most of Jack's logic can be explained through his own words when he stated to the littluns' "you littluns' are...

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595 words - 2 pages The main character of Lord of the Flies is Ralph. Ralph, a reasonable male child, is the protagonist. He is a flaxen child that is approximately 12 years old. Ralph is an innate leader and is elected by the others. He attempts to maintain indoctrinated morale and contrive means of exeunt from the island or methods to get rescued. Even subsequent to the majority of the juveniles forsaking him, he aimed to sustain righteousness. Incipiently

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1190 words - 5 pages resembles fear to the boys. As the boys become more savage, their belief in the beast grows stronger. By the end of the novel, the boys are making it sacrifices and treating it as their leader. All in all, the boys' behavior is what brings the beast into reality, so the more savage the boys become, the more real the beast seems to be. ! The last symbol in this book is the most important of them all. This symbol is known as the lord of the flies. The

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