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Lord Of The Flies William Golding. Piggy's Symbolism Goes Beyond That Of His Name. What Other Aspects Of Symbolism Are Linked To Him?

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Piggy is automatically disadvantaged the first time we see him; he is described as "the fat boy" who disturbs the undergrowth. When compared to the "fair boy," he seems the less fortunate of the two; Ralph already seems like an extension of the island, but Piggy keeps getting caught up in the creepers. While he's stumbling around, Ralph is walking about gracefully. Piggy acts very franticly, asking questions to Ralph,, while Ralph is answering calmly and busy being delighted and standing o his head. He tries to make friends with Ralph by asking his name and confiding in him, even though he's a stranger. When Ralph avoids telling Piggy his name, we see Piggy as an outcast, a child that we ...view middle of the document...

He baby-sits them while the others go hunting. He is an outcast who has resorted to making friends with the less popular people because the others don't want him around. Jack and Ralph both tease Piggy, but Jack does it in a way that is bullying, while Ralph does it in a friendly way. Everyone sees Jack as a bully, but only Piggy sees him as worse then that. He never trusts him, even from the start. Piggy seems like the weakest one of the group, but he is the only one, apart from Ralph, who doesn't actually join Jacks tribe. The others biguns join almost immediately, but Piggy stands his ground and refuses to join. His glasses give him "extra vision." When Jack and Ralph try to make a fire, Jack comes up with the idea of using the glasses to produce a flame. The glasses can make fire, which can be destructive if it gets out of hand, but can also be positive, as it helps them get rescued. The fire at the end of the book, which devours the whole island and would have killed them if they had remained, was the very thing that enabled them to be rescued in the first place. Glasses are used in every day life for some people in society and are provided for them, but in times where tribal behaviour prevails, there are no such places to get them from. The glasses are a symbol of civilisation, and that civilisation aids Piggy in seeing the truth about the island; that it is not as perfect as it first seems- Piggy keeps them on because he is still clinging on to an aspect of civilisation, because that is the only place that can hep him and protect him from murderous bullies like Jack and Roger.The conch symbolises law and order and, like the glasses, are almost like the property of Piggy. He's the one who found the conch and taught Ralph how to use it. Piggy is a big fan of civilisation, therefore likes the conch. The main reason for liking the conch is because, with the conch, people have to listen as it is the "law." People used to have to listen and be nice to him before, and with the conch, they have to let him talk. The conch is...

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1322 words - 5 pages island on fire, in order to smoke Ralph out of his safe hiding spot, so that he and his group of hunters could murder him. Symbolism is using words, people, places, and objects to represent something that has a much deeper meaning than its literal meaning. William Golding's popular novel, "Lord of the Flies," has a ridiculous amount of symbolism in it. Some critics are forced to believe that the novel was actually written as an allegory, or a

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1661 words - 7 pages simplicity highlighting many of them with irony. Lord of the Flies has a brilliant rhythm to it that flows stylishly throughout the whole story as well. Golding uses continual contrasting motions complemented by the rhythmic use of the constant progression of evil on the island from the beginning to the end of the story. It is with these literary techniques that William Golding is able to compose this extraordinary classic novel about a group of

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1175 words - 5 pages what human beings are capable of when feeling threatened or pressured. Golding wants the hero to feel helpless, he wants the readers to put dragged down, and see all the happenings through Ralph's eyes. He wants the readers to understand from deep inside, to finally acknowledge what causes us to kill and betray each other. William Golding wants us to see the nature of ourselves, the real human nature. Works Cited Golding, William. Lord of the Flies. New York: the Penguin Group, 1999

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