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he Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring is a fantasy novel set in an entirely different time period and in an extraordinarily different world. This story is part of a trilogy that transitions seamlessly into the ending of the prequel book, “The Hobbit.” At the end of “The Hobbit,” Bilbo Baggins, a hobbit, a hobbit is a half-sized human, comes home from an adventure and during his journey, he manages to obtain a magical ring. This ring is magical because when you happen to wear it, you turn invisible. It also had the power to prolong the life of the wearer. The start of the Fellowship begins with Bilbo's 111th birthday and Bilbo is getting ready to leave the Shire. The Shire is ...view middle of the document...

Gandalf tells Frodo that he must take the ring out of the Shire, and so Frodo does as he is told but is followed by three friends: Merry, Sam and Pippin. The three friends are told to go the Prancing Pony Inn in Bree. Once the hobbits leave the Shire they began to notice they are being followed by dark riders. These dark riders turn out to be Ringwraiths. The Ringwraiths are the elite soldiers of Sauron. They were old humans kings corrupted by the power given to them by Sauron. They are neither living nor dead and they are drawn to the power of the ring.
Frodo embarks on his journey with his companions, and they happen upon a group of wandering elves. They befriend the elves, who offer a promise to help protect the hobbits. Gildor Inglorion was a Noldorin Elf of the House of Finrod and leader of the pack of elves. The Elves had come from Rivendel and were returning home when they met Frodo and his companions. Luck would have it because when they bumped into each other a ringwraith close by. The elves play a magical song that scares off the Ringwriath. The elves provide food and shelter for the hobbits. After their brief respite with the elves, the hobbits continue on their journey to the Prancing Pony. Shortly after their meeting with the elves, they get lost in the Old Forest. They meet a giant Tree or Ent called Old Man Willow. Old Man Willow casts a spell on the hobbits causing them to feel sleepy. He is portrayed as tree but deep down he is sentient and evil. Old Man willow has numerous types of power involving magic but the most prevalent one is the ability to make people fall asleep. Old Man Willow snares the sleeping Merry and Pippin in his trunk. The Hobbits were eventually saved by Tom Bombadil. Tom Bombadil claims to be the oldest creature in Middle-Earth who has great powers. Tom Bombadil sings to the Old Willow to free the hobbits and the tree does as it is commanded. When the Hobbit start go off on their own again, Tom teaches them a song that will bring him to them if they are ever in trouble within his borders. He then leads them to the direction of the Prancing Pony.
At this point in the story, the Hobbits finally make it to the small town of Bree. Once they make to the town they sit down at the inn to relax. The hobbits try to keep a low profile at the inn in Bree but when Frodo takes part in singing with the people in the bar he slips and falls. The ring accidentally slips onto his finger when he falls and he turns invisible and everybody takes notice. One particular person takes notice and he goes by the name of Aragorn. Aragorn portrays himself as a ranger who roams the wilderness. He is actually the heir of the Kings of the ancient Men but not many people know this. He also would rather people not know this about him. Most people just call Aragorn, Strider. Aragorn advises the hobbits not to sleep in their rooms at the inn because he fears the worst. Aragorn's words turn out saving their...

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