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Lord Of The Flies Dystopian Society

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Lord Of The Flies Dystopian Society EssayThe novel, 'Lord Of The Flies' written by William Golding is a timeless classic and one of the most significant works of 20th century literature. It can be interpreted as a novel with a simple plot, consisting of a group of boys who get stranded on a desert island who out of sheer boredom and desperation, change their peaceful and good-natured characters to those of wild savages. It can also be read as a fable meaning that hidden beneath the deeds and actions of various characters lies a deeper message that the author is it trying to convey to readers. The message is that all events with good intention will eventually lead to a dystopia (world where everything is bad), even if it is not as extreme or horrific as what is presented in the book. The setting of the novel and the contrasts between certain characters, especially those of Jack and Ralph emphasise and clarify this message and are the main sources of it in the text.The setting of the novel is one of the areas in which a dystopian society is presented amongst the boys in the plot. One of the reasons for this is the contrast that exists between the island and the views and actions of most of the characters. The island is a place of pure and untouched beauty, serenity and peace. Quotes such as, 'The lagoon was still as a mountain lake, -blue of all shades and shadowy green and purple' and 'little breezes crept over the polished waters beneath the haze of heat', paint a picture of complete and utter calm. A tropical island is the last place on Earth where anyone would expect violence or disorder to occur. The events in the novel completely defy this stereotype and consequently, highlight the boys' sudden transformation from a group of schoolchildren to a pack of 'bloodthirsty hunters'. Furthermore the symbolism explored at the beginning of the novel hints at the wild society that evolves during the course of the plot. When the 'Long scar smashed into the jungle', it was almost as if the physical damage to the island was like a metaphorical wound beginning to bleed. A form of violence had already occurred as a result of the boys and unless they stemmed the flow, things would go from bad to worse and this is exactly what happened.The character of Jack Merridew also plays a role in presenting a dystopian image of humanity. Right from his introduction in the plot, Jack was the one who wanted to impose himself and his authority on the group. As head of the Choir, he was used to giving orders and having them followed. Once it was decided that Ralph was going to be chief, 'The freckles on Jack's face disappeared under a blush of mortification'. Jack found this very hard to accept as for the first time in his life, he had not been listened to. He was desperate to lead in some way or another, so went about this by separating himself and the choir members from the others and creating a hunting group. By doing so, he drew an invisible line between his group and...

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