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Lord Of The Essay

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Throughout literary history, heroes are usually described as being good looking and tall. People who are categorized as heroes need to have a distinguished courage and heroes are often rewarded for their courageous and noble acts. A hero needs to be liked by the inhabitants of his or her country because he or she committed a heroic act such saving a child who has fallen into a well. In many books, the character with all of the heroic qualities is often the main character. Although some characters from the Lord of the Rings saga perfectly fit this description like Aragorn and Boromir, most heroic characters in this novel are quite unlikely. Frodo and his friends are unusual creatures called Halfling, more popularly called Hobbits. Before Frodo set out on his journey, an Elf lord named Elrond formed a group of elites to follow, protect and serve Frodo on his journey to Mount Doom. This group is undoubtedly a queer group of people. And, throughout the novel we encounter many odd characters who—in the long run—were great help and great heroes in their own way such as the jolly Iarwain Ben-adan (Tom Bombadil).
First of all, Hobbits. Absolutely no history tells of how or when the Halflings, one of the shortest people in all of Middle Earth, entered this world. What the readers do know is that Halflings, or Hobbits, are close relative to men. Even though they are closely related to men, when the race of men was rising in power Hobbits were little to no use since they were approximately half the size of an averagely statured man and are fairly weak. All Hobbits whether male or female, share many similar characteristics. Every Hobbit measures averagely between two and four feet in height. Hobbits are well fed and jolly people who have curly brown hair. Due to their small stature and large belly’s, Hobbits are mostly stationary which makes them extremely unlikely to take part in an adventure like the destruction of the one ring to rule them all. Hobbits such as Frodo Baggins are used to waking up at sun rise and enjoyed their first of many meals of the day. After having indulged in a first breakfast, Hobbits like to go sit outside and enjoy some pipe weed. After having smoked and enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the shire, they go back inside for a second breakfast. Their relaxed habits and loose physical shapes make them unlikely for an adventure of such stature. It is quite obvious that Hobbits are quiet, relaxed and clam people which makes the reader wonder “how?” and “why?” a Hobbit would participate in such journey. Well, for all of the things that Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin have been through, any reader can see that these Hobbits have good spirits, great courage and strength. Frodo was not like Bilbo he did not want to go on an adventure, he really wanted to stay home. But since Gandalf was one of Frodo’s good friends, Frodo decided to take the ring for Gandalf even though he knew of its perils. Throughout the novel, Frodo shows an immense sense...

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