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Lorenzo De Medici Essay

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January 1, 1449 was a day that the whole city of Florence would soon never forget that led them to be the most powerful city in all of Italy. Lorenzo de Medici was the baby that would control the city of Florence and lead Florence into a great state of royalty. Born into a family of powerful bankers that ruled Florence Lorenzo would soon enough lead the city and soon be called "il Magnifico". From mentoring of childhood to the ruling of adulthood Lorenzo was a light to the people in Florence.
Through Lorenzo's childhood he was mentored from his grandfather Cosimo de Medici to follow in his footsteps to control the family's rotalty, as Lorenzo's father Piero would soon die from ...view middle of the document...

As the Medici family made alliances with Florence, Milan, and Venice Pope Sixtus felt threatened for his expanstion for the papal territoy and also the power of the church. Pope Sixtus finally gave into the Pazzi Conspiracy when he heard of Lorenzo trying to buy the town of Imola which was greatly important. On April 26, 1478 (Easter sunday), Lorenzo and his brother Giuliano were the victims to be killed of the Pazzi conspiracy. Giuliano was stabbed over twenty times to death as Lorenzo got away only experiencing non-fatal wounds. Enraged the people of Florence killed the supporters that stabbed Lorenzo and his brother. The Pope enraged he excommunicated Lorenzo and put an interdict on Florence. In 1479, Pope Sixus and King Ferdinand of Naples declared war on Florence. Lorenzo with the sake to save the Medici family power and to save himself from the anger of the Florintines he took a boat and sailed to Naples to visit the King. Winning the king over he dismissed his issue of war on Florence. That also led to the new constitution in 1480...

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