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Lorenzo's Oil Essay

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Paragraph 1
Attention getter- There are numerous ethical issues within this movie including but not limited to Beneficence, Nonmaleficence, Justice, Veracity, Fidelity, Communitarian, Egalitarian, and Utilitarianism. The violation of all these principles, as well as ethical codes and conduct that should take place within the medical profession. Expanding to the Doctors, Medical Scientist, and foundation leaders ascending to the needs of these Experts.
BNA- Beneficence and Nonmaleficence can intrude on Autonomy of the patient which in this case includes the ALD patients. In this movie there is no known cure nor treatment for this genetic disorder, in the beginning these dying patients ...view middle of the document...

His parents are convinced by these medical experts that the only way he will survive this disorder is if he can be treated as a guinea pig and studied, Thus throwing any of their decisions out the window. Lorenzo's parents feel as if they don't let the doctors do what they want to their son, that he will die, even though these doctor's and scientist have no idea what their treatment will do to Lorenzo. They say their main objective is to service the child however they are doing the complete opposite. After several failed trials Lorenzo's health is only continuing to deteriorate. They tried to cut his diet to exclude any unsaturated fats, but in conclusion he only grows weaker and his unsaturated fat within his blood only continue to increase. They convinced the parents to do an alternative procedure that suppresses his immune system by making them feel guilty that they are not keeping up with the treatments available for Lorenzo, and are not willing to make him well again. As a result of the Ereno suppression serum within ten weeks Lorenzo loses all of his hair, his motor skills are close to none existent so he cannot walk, in addition to now he can no longer correctly form words, or be a normal child. Doctors take into consideration what they have done to this child, they continue to bring him in front of a class room to show off how Lorenzo has fallen apart to be able to fully study ALD with their trial. The doctors misuse utilitarianism by saying that it's not the trials whether they turn out good or bad or the consequences but the fact that they can further study the disease as an end result. Now utilitarianism states that an action is judged as good or bad in relation to consequences, outcome, or end result from it. In my opinion utilitarianism should not be used so freely, and be so bendable to only help the physicians, but should be used to benefit the patient. They excuse their failure by saying that they have to follow through with their trials fully whether or not they help the patient. Lorenzo's parents realize that they cannot trust the doctors in charge, they have lied, broken promises, and was not faithful to Lorenzo or any other child involved with this condition. Lorenzo's mother is frustrated with the ethics of veracity, fidelity, and justice being taken advantage of. As Lorenzo's mothers states to these doctors after hearing this excuse is "Our children are in the service of medical science, how very foolish of me, I always assumed that medical science was in the service of the sufferer." This is the point in time when Lorenzo's parents especially Augusto decide that they will take back their child's freedom and fight for his right to live by studying the disease, many different sciences, and figure out what they need to do to make Lorenzo not only comfortable but healthy, knowing that these disorder normally kills within two years they are cut for time. Augusto takes it upon himself to research the fields of biochemistry,...

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