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Lorna DooneLorna Doone is a romantic adventure set back in the year 1673, in Devon, England. It is a story about a never-ending love between the young Master John Ridd, and Lorna Doone. Who really turns out to be Lady Lorna Dugal.The Doone's are a powerful group of murderers that everyone feared. They were hated throughout the land for their vicious acts or murder and robbery.Lorna, who was taken prisoner by the Doone family when she was a little girl, is not even aware that she is not a Doone. While being brought home from school early, at the holiday season, John first sets eyes on the beautiful Lorna. She was strapped across one of the monstrous Donne's horses. It was John's wish to rescue her, one-day, from that terrible family.Upon his arrival home from school, John finds out the bad news that his father had been murdered at the hands of the Doone's. He is determined to grow up and avenge his father's death.One day while fishing John winds up in Doone territory, completely by accident. This is the first time that Lorna and John actually get to speak to one another. He falls in love with her then.Time goes on, and it had been a while since John laid eyes on his Lorna. But he never forgot her, or stopped thinking about her. She too remembers him at a chance meeting. Because of who Lorna is, or is thought to be, John could never tell anyone of his feelings for her, nor could she of him.One sad day the Doone's find out about Lorna's and John's intentions to be together. With this in mind, the Doone's contact Lorna's family and plan to send her back, to keep her from marrying John. Though Lorna wrote many letters to John expressing her feelings, none of the ever got to him, and he...

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1665 words - 7 pages , maybe the two of us would buy champagne and orange juice; drink a toast to Lorna just for old times’ sake. Then I’d head home” (239). Kinsey is determined to extract information any way she can. In doing so she starts to become emotionally involved, which could be argued that women may be too emotional for the job. Kinsey is persistent when gathering her information. She is not afraid to take action, follow or spy on subjects who may be involved


1314 words - 6 pages trials and provide on-hand information, it is necessary to acquire a connection with those known in the business. The documentary is to be comprised of three personalities; the secretary of the Philippines’ Department of Justice (DOJ), which is Atty. Leila M. De Lima, the impeached Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Atty. Renato Corona, and the lawyer who is often involved in most of the controversial cases, Atty. Lorna Patajo-Kapunan. With such

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1486 words - 6 pages Elva AquinoEN 102-H24AProf: Agieszka TuszynskaGender Roles In Society: Stereotypes and PrejudicesLiterary Works Authors1) "Trifles" Susan Glaspell2) "I Stand Here Ironing" Tillie Olsen3) "Brokeback Mountain" Annie Proulx4) "Hanging In Solo" Susan Eisenberg5)"Beneath The Shadow Of The Freeway" Lorna Dee CervantesIntroductionDuring the semester we have read poems, plays and short stories focusing on sexualidentity such as gender roles and sexual

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833 words - 3 pages . The League of Nations and its impact on world peace John James Mrs. Hippe History March 7, 1996 Bibliography: Mothner, Ira. Woodrow Wilson, Champion of Peace. New York Watts Inc., 1969 Mason, Lorna; Garcia, Jesus; Powell, Frances; Risinger, Fredrick. America's Past and Promise. Boston McDougal Littell, 1995 Albright, Madeleine. "America and the League of Nations, Lessons for Today" Speech United States Department of State 1994 McNally, Rand. Atlas of World History. New York Reed International Books Limited, 1992 Microsoft. "The League of Nations." Excarta 95. 1995

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791 words - 4 pages with serious back troubles. The study was conducted by Abertawe Bro Morganwg University Health Board in Britain. According to the researcher, Lorna Taylor, it is a healthcare time bomb. Besides, authority also found that the gadget(s) affect individuals’ physical health. ‘Doctors and chiropractor warn individuals who are addicting to the gadget(s) would have a high possibility to suffer from back and neck pain and, sometimes, debilitating pain

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