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Migration To Los Angles, California Essay

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Migration in Los Angeles
This essay will discuss the issue of migration in South California, Los Angeles. This subject is very topical and affects many people. Why thousands of people immigrate to the city? Why other leave Los Angeles? There are a lot of reasons: economic, social, environmental and others. Arguments and all information will be analyzed thoroughly.
First of all, the main reason of economic immigration to Los Angeles is employment. A lot of immigrants in California come from Latin America and Asia. “The vast majority of immigrants were born in Latin America (53%) and Asia (37%). California has sizeable populations of immigrants from dozens of countries; Mexico (4.3 million), the Philippines (812,000), and China (760,700) are the leading countries of origin.” (Hans Johnson and Marisol Cuellar Mejia) It is connect with the fact that salaries in the USA bigger than in the Latin America and Asia. For example: in the USA salaries of porters, dishwashers, cleaners and professions that do not require special education equal to 6-8$ an hour, but in China salaries approximately equal to 0.8-1$ an hour. However cost of living in the United States much bigger than in China. The majority of people do not know it, they think that they will earn a lot of money, but sometimes it is not true. Also Los Angeles is home to Hollywood, it is center of movie, music and art industry. Persons who have education in this sphere can easy find pretty decent job.
How has migration impacted this industry?
Secondly, immigrants come to Los Angeles in search of better living conditions. They could watch colorful, wonderful and amazing Los Angeles in Hollywood movies; they can think that is so really good. However there are a lot of problems. Often people migrate to another country and do not think about problems. But living conditions in certain areas in Los Angeles is really good, and really expensive. “The job market is good here, mainly because there are so many people here that it creates its own job market. Then there are many industries, including tourism, entertainment, shipping,...

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