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Los Angeles Is A City That Resonates With Glamour And Opportunity. Its Attraction As The Place To Live In Is Everlasting. It Attracts Immigrants S

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Los Angeles is a city that resonates with glamour and opportunity. Its attraction as the place to live in is everlasting. It attracts immigrants such as from China, Korea, and Mexico. In fact, according to one of the authors of the assigned readings, Ray Bradbury, Little Tokyo in Los Angeles is the “largest Japanese community outside Japan.” Los Angeles offers the dream of what most people yearn for. Another author from the readings, Wanda Coleman expresses her amazement with Los Angeles in her excerpt “L.A. Love Cry” (1996). She uses the simile of fast food to describe the lovely city, “Loving you is to love fast food.” (21) Coleman seems really to enjoy living in Los Angeles as she ...view middle of the document...

In this quote, McKeller attempts to show that the beauty of the city of Angels is actually originated from “grafts and corruption”. This astonishing statement would definitely taint the image of Los Angeles as an inspirational city. Los Angeles is one of the most recognizable cities in the world. For a city that has a huge reputation in the world, acknowledging that the beauty originates from grafts and corruption will definitely upset a lot of people. Moreover, high-ranking officials such as mayors and police chiefs are also involved in the unethical action. This action is probably derived from the society as the pressure to be one of the most well known cities in the world. Nonetheless, grafts and corruption are still unacceptable; it taints the beautiful image of Los Angeles that media creates. Although Sonora McKeller describes that Los Angeles is a beautiful city despite its origin, Christopher Isherwood tells a complete different story about California in the following quote.

In this quote, Isherwood compares California to Palestine to send a message to its readers that they are the promised lands that disappoint a lot of immigrants. He describes the life in Los Angeles as “heartless, materialistic, selfish” which probably contradicts with the view of many people that have never been to the city. Isherwood tells that immigrants are going back to their home after experiencing failures and disappointment. This quote shows that a lot of people come to Los Angeles with high expectations, but turn down after seeing the reality. This disappointment is not only limited to people from outside the United States, but also people from inside the country, specially people from Middle West and in the East. Likewise, Nathanael West in the following quote also discusses the idea of heartless and selfish people in Los Angeles.

Tod Hackett is a painter from Yale School of Fine Arts who comes to Hollywood to learn set and costume design. He finds the people in Hollywood are very different from the east coasters. He views the people as if they come to California to die and has the interest to paint them with the title “The Burning of Los Angeles.” This quote describes a mob that happens after Tod walks down a narrow lane between the crowd and the front of the theatre when there is a crowd of people at the movie premiere. The action triggers the destruction of Los Angeles that Tod first paints “The Burning of Los Angeles.” Tod believes that people do everything just be in California where they see it as a paradise. Those people would save and stayed at meaningless jobs to have the oranges or ocean waves that they cannot have from where they come from. However, as soon as they are in California, they realized that life is no different from they have come. The devastating mob symbolizes the heartless and selfish that Christopher Isherwood previously suggested. The image that the media and worth of mouth create might make people to think that all the people...

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