Los Angeles' Metro And Accessibility Essay

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Wheelchairs, canes, crutches- all these devices help an individual maneuver around after certain injuries or complications make life harder for them. Although full mobility with these devices isn’t restored, it makes a metaphorical bridge for their reentry into society. As if life wasn’t hard enough for these people, they still have to work and make a life for themselves. Due to the fact that many diseases are incurable they have to find ways to cope with their disabilities. Having less maneuverability calls for things such as designated areas for the disabled on Public busses or ergonomic seats that can work on both the disabled in a general situation, and the typical passenger. These ...view middle of the document...

Now they have ramps, curbside pickup and designated areas on busses, for them. Manufacturers and people could unite to make improvements on things that are wrong with today’s transportation system. This takes me to my next topic.
Problems with Today’s Disabled Access

The problem today with the bus system is its accessibility, potential safety issues could potentially come out of it. A bus ride in which a person with no disability is crowded and uncomfortable. And when a blind person who needs a seat gets on the bus, somebody has to give up their seat to let him sit down; adding to the standee population. When a wheelchair rider gets in the bus, Up to three people have to give up their seat to the wheelchair person; and theoretically if another wheelchair person were to get on the blind person and the other riders would have to find another seat. The blind person wouldn’t be able to be standing as a safety issue so another person would have to give up their seat on the bus. But this has just caused a safety issue for the blind person. If the wheelchair section is at the front of the bus and the closest seat for the blind person is behind that section then the blind person would have to walk through a crowded aisle to get to the nearest exit. This example will not always happen but it could always be worse when more than two wheelchairs are on the bus and the other standees are going to be crowding...

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