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Los Vendidos: History Behind The Characters

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“Los Vendidos,” written by Luis Valdez, is about a woman, who is the secretary to the Governor of California, is looking for a “Mexican” for the governor. The owner of Honest Sancho’s Used Mexican Lot, Honest Sancho, shows her multiple Mexicans she can buy. In the end, she gets scammed of fifteen thousand dollars and leaves without her own Mexican. In the play “Los Vendidos,” there is a lot of history most people don’t know about.
In the play, Miss Jimenez, who is the secretary, and Honest Sancho looked at 4 Mexicans at the Used Mexican Lot: the Farmworker, the Revolucionario, Johnny Pachuco, and the Mexican-American. The first one they looked at was the Farmworker. Miss Jimenez asked for ...view middle of the document...

Their efforts worked and they caused over ten thousand grapes to spoil and go to waist (Fighting 1). This shows that Honest Sancho wasn’t lying about the farmworker being a hardworking Mexican.
The second Mexican they looked at was Johnny Pachuco. Mr. Pachuco is a zoot suit wearing high class Mexican. Honest Sancho says that he is built for the city life. Most people would call him a zoot suitor. Zoot suitors are ones who wore high waisted zoot suits, long gold chain, then mustache, and a rakish hat. He, Johnny Pachuco, symbolized the Zoot Suit Riots. Most people that wore these suits were Latino. During World War II, the riots were just getting started. U.S. military personnel were stationed in Los Angeles, where the riots started. The Latinos would wear these suits to the local clubs, where the military men would be the “head honchos.” Once the Latinos would show up at the clubs, they would act like they were the center of attention, stealing the men’s girls from them, causing them to get angry with the zoot suitors. That wasn’t the only reason they were mad though. Zoot suits were made out of wool, which was being rationed because of the war. Servicemen saw this and became furious (Brazosport 2). The servicemen became so mad, every time they would see one in the club or walking down the street, they would fight them. This caused riots to break out. The worst recorded riot was in Los Angeles on July 5, 1943. Servicemen went on a rampage through East LA and downtown beating up these zoot suitors (Brazosport 2). Records even show that servicemen would pay for taxis to drive them to known areas of zoot suitors and beat them up right in there own neighborhood (Brazosport 2). The thing is though, the servicemen who started the fights wouldn’t get arrested of even in a little bit...

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